good morning traders happy Monday it’s
the fourth of June 2018 pretty eventful
day on Friday

so we saw the non-farm
payrolls came out a little bit weaker
than was expected and as such we saw a
lot of these currency start to continue
on their recent value again.

so that’s saying it again we
saw by it I’m conflicted it was
conflicted on Friday even more conflicted now
my daily chart I can see that we
clearly painting a upward trend to break
through the 1.723 why it’s a big big move
and of course we got a lot of
geopolitical and fundamental news flood
they are all going to be going to be
moved in this place.

so we’ve seen what’s
happening in Italy it is not this
contagion fear that breaks up the EU

if I look at 4-hour chart I’m
here because I can see
around that resistance level at 11720 we
close to 50% pub if I look at my hourly
chart class I would be tempted to look
for intraday short 1723

so as long
as no more longer-term trade does
suggest I look for a buying opportunity rather just
do you get the sneaky suspicion that we
could actually be a short today

so I want to keep an eye on the 4h there
today and to see how that materializes

very similar on cable cars on a daily
chart we can see this daily
paint starting to move.

perhaps we
should be looking for a long trader if I
look at this 134 90 is quite far away
cars per hour for our chart
I don’t think about there from our
recent spring hiatus week that we do
ns as
well as my hourly chart and I must say
cos I am tempted to start looking for
him today soldiers conflict in view guys
I think it’s just one of those or your
longer term trade off the daily chart or
do you trade off before the four-hour
chart position that all just purely come
down to preference the commodity
currency scars I’m a little bit hesitant
to trade the Aussie I can see us finally
broken through then 75 90 however I
would prefer to see a clothes and
walking clothes about this before I got
interested so for now but the Aussie and
kiwi I’m gonna set out as you can see
the Kiwi still very much in that range
garden this was very much on Friday
looked as though in a breakthrough me
Evan so this it’s quite similar to the
old scars I look at me of my day
sarcastic is on both my Kiwi mrz and I’m
not entirely certain
I should be broken so I’m gonna stay
with this Rachel on strategy see how the
price closes today decision okay the
last one does I am interested in the
care this one’s been a bit of a yo-yo of
such there’s been a lot of talk around
what’s going to materialize didn’t after
the trade tariffs Canada have been quite
instrumental in leading the fight back
against these Jewish tariffs so there
may just be a little bit of a tough in
the family for lack of a better phrase
but if I look at my daily chart guys
we’re still hovering around those
resistance levels at 129 90 and 150 and
so that’s said to keep an eye on Syria
my daily stochastic is if I look at my
4-hour chart it also does suggest that I
should be looking for a short trade
so my hourly phrase guys I will probably
what I hope to see a move back closer to
this 129 9 th level and then at that
point I’ll start looking for a short
trade so there you go guys
not a lot to offer today is to learn a
little bit the markers a little bit
influx of the cedars that there’s a lot
of political factors that could move
this market I am a little bit skeptical
but for me I would be interested in
assured you’re a short pound and short a
decade I’d probably find that a Dalek
care will be my third try but it’s also
one that I wanted to be for money cause
I hope that helps
good luck

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