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Good morning traders. Happy Friday, it’s the 11 May 2018 and relatively decent day yesterday class I was fixated on the other side of the market in particular oil and gold when I was able to find opportunity but by doing that I’ve waited two weeks for some opportunity on the Forex side and I missed it.

Because I was practising elsewhere so let’s look at where we are two data cars
I only see opportunity really in two pairs on the Forex side reason being is
that there’s a little bit of interest today in the Euro if I look at my daily
chart everything here would suggest I
should continue looking for this long up
higher but if I look at my four-hour
chart cause this move does seem to be
almost exhausted now the ECB track here
speaking this afternoon at about half of
three and it has all the potential to
drop this pair a little bit lower so I
think credibly tempting to go along here
guys but I am going to resist that
temptation and do you think that this
pair may get driven lower back towards
us 18 20 ish level at that point I’ll
start looking for and yet yeah my
crossover to go along I think the better
bed today will be the part obviously we
we saw a lot of volatility yesterday
ahead of the break and the BAE did
suggest that they will have a rate hike
possibly in 2018 I really don’t see how
they’re gonna get there but if we look
at my four-hour chart Thursday is a
little bit of divergence they’re forming
on my daily chart I’m very much finding
support jokers 134 86 this is a level we
highlighted yesterday and so my hourly
chart cast I would prefer something
closer to that 135 134 86 and I will
look for a long once again the cared for
me as I were done yesterday guys we’ve
had two big big days so from an intraday
perspective we’ve broken through the
support you at 128 as you can see it
held for the best part of two or three
weeks we now trading near a secondary
supported 2714 I would rather prefer
see how the spirit rate around these
levels before I got any interest lost
when I look it does is the Kiwi for me
they let the dogs out, let the doves out
yesterday morning and the market still
recovered quite handsomely on the back
of those were that weak CPR the the
divergence that we seen in the Kiwi it
looks a lot more attractive than what
I’m seeing in the pound I can see where
my stochastic is and much like that the
euro and the pound gas I would like a
little bit lower and possibly closer to
the 69 the figure level at that point I
will look for EMEA crossover to go short
so there you go does not really a lot of
opportunity I would prefer to focus my
attention here on a long in the pound
along in the Kiwi but both I might have
to express a little bit of patience they
wait for the market to come to my price
and then look phylidia may cross over so
let’s hope that that materializes later
today already grasped in the market
today good luck we’ll check you tomorrow

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Leave your Questions about Market Insight Commentary on Forex for 11 May 2018 by BlackStone Futures below

Haroun Kola

Daily Commentary by Marshall Gittler for 25/06/15

Even though Greece and their creditors are not accepting each other’s proposals for extending their bailout the euro firmed slightly. If they don’t come to an agreement by Sunday night, banks have to close on Monday as capital controls will be in place. EU leaders begin their summit and Greece and the UK’s referendum on being in the union. This could impact on the GPB.

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Haroun Kola

CM Trading Daily Forex Market Review 04 July 2018

Retail Sales and Trade Balance from Australia and Services PMI results from the United Kingdom, in addition please take note that the United States is celebrating Independence Day so all U.S. Stocks and Indices are closed today.

Haroun Kola

Daily Commentary 22/06/2015 Greece is the word • Greece is the word All eyes will be on Greece today as the deadline

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