Meet The Blackstone Futures Team

Faith, Irene & Nick who's not in the pic
And that’s me in the middle
between Faith and Irene
(see below for the full picture)
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A few months ago, I had this brilliant idea of visiting all of the offices of forex trading brokers who had offices in South Africa and write about them to give traders a human touch behind the brokerage instead of just the cold and calculating face of trading and charts and expert advisors.

So I started that and Blackstone Futures was one of the first brokers that I paid a visit to, but then life happened and I didn’t actually post this, until now.

So this is not a review of Blackstone Futures, just an introduction to Faith and Irene who you will be interacting with if you open an account or decide to promote them.

I’ve also got some very exciting news about the copy trading service they’ve recently launched but I’ll write some more when I’ve spoken to Nick and their partner in this venture.