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PAMM stands for Percentage Allocation Management Module.

It is a technical solution that helps to automatize profit/loss distribution, eliminate human error and allows Money Managers to manage multiple Investors accounts via one centralized MT4 interface. Read more about these kinds of accounts here.

Up till now Money Managers were forced to trade with multiple copies of Meta Trader 4 which limited the number of clients they could service, decreased the effectiveness of their trading and their profit.

With PAMM service the manager can organize all of his clients together in one Meta Trader 4 terminal.

An unlimited number of Investors can join under one Manager account.

Funds from all Investors on the manager account are traded as one unit. It means more room for money management and better position management options.

The PAMM service keeps each Investor’s account record individually and the gains and losses are automatically distributed by the Company (Broker) between the Manager and the Investors on a percentage basis so that each party receives its percentage rate of return.

PAMM service makes investing into Forex more secure. With PAMM accounts, the Investor (and not the Manager) has the power to deposit and withdraw funds, so the scenario when a dishonest Money Manager runs away with the money or fails to pay the profit is completely impossible.

The Investor may withdraw all funds or part of the funds or top up his balance whenever he wants, and all the settlement operations (the distribution of profits, losses and Manager’s fees) are carried out by the Company (Broker) automatically.

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