One of the most irritating features of GT247’s trading platform is no more.

Their “Mark to Market” process where all positions were closed every night and then reopened a few hours later at the new price is gone and from now on you will see your position open at the open price until you close it manually or it hits your stop or take profit level.

This change will take effect this weekend  13th of July 2018.

What are the benefits of this change:

  • You will now be able to see your initial entry price of your position.
  • There will be no revaluing of your initial margin on a daily/continuous basis, however, your margin requirement will be adjusted according to any addition or reduction to your position/s.

This was one of the biggest drawbacks I had in trading with GT247, it wasn’t a train smash but something very annoying. Most of the time, at the close of business day, when I wanted to place a trader, their trading platform was closed.

Now, finally, I can trade when I want.

Click here to start trading with them.

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