Joining Infinox To See If Their IXSocial Platform Is Worthwhile

I joined Infinox recently to try out their platform and services and this is what I found.


Since returning to trading and the forex IB business again after many months away and even then trading mostly with online crypto based trading platforms, my small live account was with Exness, and seeing all that they had to offer.

And now I’m trying out Infinox to see how they stack up in the competition.

The one thing I like about them as an IB, is that they have a fully staffed office in South Africa working hard behind the scenes with customer service.

Signing up to their platforms proved particular hard for me to navigate and I was very frustrated with the process. But with help from multiple people inside their organisation, I was able to get a live account running without much problems.

My strategy for the next few months is to document my progress through the Brooks Trading Course, hopefully become a profitable trader and get people to follow that account as a signal provider on their IXSocial mobile platform.

At the moment, I’m putting the funds together to fund the account.

I made some links since getting my IB account set up.

This is where you should click to open an account and trade yourself.

And this is where you should click to open an account and follow my trades.

Wish me luck 🙂 and please:

trade market volatility

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