The Founder of JP Markets

JP Markets

Justin Paulsen is the owner of Africa’s best and most reputable FSCA Approved – 46855 forex broker called JP Markets.

He is a self made millionaire starting from nothing to building a net worth of over R 60 Million all achieved in a space of less than 2 years.

He is true testament to the new craze called forex trading taking over Africa by storm recently and one of the few who has achieved tremendous success through Forex.

Justin is a South African entrepreneur with a passion for and extensive understanding of international financial markets.

He majored in Economics and Finance at the University of Cape Town before beginning a successful career in the private banking sector.

Paulsen’s career path included time spent working at a leading South African forex brokerage.

It was here where he interacted with Traders, Hedge Fund Managers, Asset Managers, Portfolio Managers and Forex Traders on a daily basis, working hard and carefully developing the winning formula that is now responsible for the success of JP Markets.

Once he decided to pursue his own business, he initially started JP Forex Investments to pass on this knowledge and equip other individuals with the tools he had learned and developed, before furthering his qualifications by completing his RE5 AND RE1 exams.

This provided him with the qualifications and opportunity to launch his own FSCA approved and regulated forex brokerage in South Africa – and so, JP Markets was born.

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If you’re in KwaZulu-Natal, then please check out the Durban office details. This office is of particular interest to me because I acted as the sales manager here from November 2018 to May 2019 and remains the sole time I was formally employed in the industry.