The free R500 in trading credit with Khwezi Trade promotion is now over, but they have launched a new one since a few days ago.

They are running a new promotion which began on the 14th, which is a 25% credit based on your deposit amount. EG : If you deposited R2000 in your account, you would receive 25% which is R500. If you deposited R5000, you would receive a credit of R1250.

If you don’t have an account yet, please click here to open one please see the terms and conditions below if you are a first time depositor. Your minimum deposit to qualify for the bonus is R2,000.

Deposit Bonus T’s & C’s

1. This promotion is organized by Khwezi Financial Services Pty (Ltd).
2. This promotion will commence on 14 October 2019.
3. Clients will receive a percentage bonus (amount may vary depending on promotion) on deposits made to Khwezi Financial Services.
4. Participants in this promotion must provide proof of address and valid identification.
5. One (1) Lot volume is required per R100 Bonus, EURUSD equivalent before the funds will be eligible for withdrawal.
6. Minimum deposit amount to be eligible for this promotion is R 1000. For first time depositors the minimum deposit amount is R 2000.
7. Clients will email Khwezi if they believe they have traded the necessary volume to have credit changed to cash.
8. Deposits over R 50 000 will be receiving a maximum of R 5000 Bonus.
9. If a client makes a withdrawal, before the required volume has been traded for the Bonus to be withdrawn, the client will forfeit the Bonus.
10. If a client makes a withdrawal and receives another bonus for a deposit made at a later date the above terms will apply to the last bonus received.
11. In the event of a dispute, Khwezi Financial Services Pty (Ltd) decision is final.