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A webinar presented by describing the cryptocurrency Bitcoin to new investors and traders as well as a live trading example looking at various charts.

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Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to our today’s webinar in the name of and thank you very much for joining us.

We are quite a big group tonight and that makes us really happy we have some very interesting or – very interesting topics.

One is the live trading and then the second part of our session but first people would like to come to a certain new topic which is quite famous in the moment you can hear it in every rated television and you can you can read it in every newspaper whatever.

It’s a cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and the market become offers you to create a Bitcoin as well but first before we before we carry on maybe one of you can give us a fine if we readable and or if you can hear me.

so this makes us sure that’s that we we
don’t talk for nothing you have from the
right hand side you have got a little
chat function hearing you loud and clear
that’s that’s lovely
okay they’re coming to us because we
have many new names of participants and
my name is Daniel fearing and beside of
me and is my collective cationic yeah
good evening also from my side I say
good evening because for those of you
who know us already we are in Germany
we’re sitting in Germany and here we
have already evening but as I can see
where people from all over the world
work which is of course awesome to us
and we’re happy to have you in our
session tonight today wherever you are
and I would like to welcome you
yes Dani said before we have today that
session will be divided in two parts the
first part where weeks with a bit theory
about cryptocurrencies the modern
expression and then we will do as usual
life training and we will take a look at
the market and we will just see what’s
going on today the session is quite
interesting something happen you’re
always getting stronger again so we have
much to talk about and before we go
further maybe here you have okay we do
it in later so we just start with our
bit comes now we prepare the nice
presentation to you and we just started
we had a Bitcoin the first time when
I’ve read this name it was about 2010
also the first article I wrote about the
Bitcoin because we always write about
new things and just to mention new
things so you get sensitive is sensible
for these things and I wrote an article
about Bitcoin on the first price I have
seen at this point was five dollar fifty
three and now we can see the actual
price a little bit later on and so the
development was quite long
commander here as well and as you can
say and why what is the reason for this
the Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency it’s
just the opposite
it’s just the opposite what we know
about our monetary system so our money
is losing the words and the Bitcoin diss
gaining it and so it’s just the opposite
and that’s the fantastic thing about it
and then the cryptocurrency is yeah it’s
nothing you can you can hold in your
hand or it’s it’s just little Alec it’s
digital and you have got a wallet but
it’s more or less yeah online on any
computer but and we explain more about
this but it’s very hard for everybody to
understand it from the very first
beginning and begin one
I had to think so much about it so and
I’m still thinking about it and so it is
really great though it’s something weird
goddess and the crypto currency it’s a
normal digital payment system and it was
invented by an on that there’s nobody
can be sure it was more or less
installed by a programmer or maybe it’s
more more like it was a programmer group
and they called themselves Satoshi
Nakamoto maybe even it was a company
nobody really knows who or what is
behind his name so it’s also kind of
quick yeah so it is absolutely a blank
box so Maya and this was in about 2008
in 2009 it was installed more or less
the whole currency system they call it
white paper but they sent out to the
interested people and they are made a
presentation more or less and the first
price when the women the Bitcoin came
out was about six cent Wow so is
somebody of you who is got a take you
later can work out in the moment we have
prices about $2,300 okay yeah we have
fun consolidation in Romania and we will
take a look later on your life chart
because Marcus does come offers trading
for crypto currencies most of you have
seen probably already and will go to
this later and the good thing is it’s
restricted from the amount of bitcoins
which can be produced in at the end when
you gather all together it will be about
21 million not more this can make you
sure that the Bitcoin won’t be loose
once yeah worth it will gain so if it
gets more and more common what happened
in the past in the past two three years
yeah it gave and on God and and so I
think it’s more good uptrend yeah
without any big interruptions and now
you see that it’s really everywhere
everybody is talking about bitcoins and
of course there is also important
information you don’t have to buy and
really the whole one and depends of
course where you buy it buy a pendant
you don’t have to buy all of it we just
can also buy this and part of it yeah if
you don’t have enough money for so
instantly but what is so special about
the Bitcoin also it’s it’s an
independent and a currency so we have no
consistently election to the banking
system directly yeah it is a
peer-to-peer solution so if the users
make the exchange to each other without
any regulation in between so it’s
absolutely independent and it’s more or
less nobody knows who paid whom that’s
why it’s so fascinating and wide so a
fastness the whole world because you
really have possibilities which were not
known until now and it’s growing
especially in the last year’s and it now
imagine what’s going on or what will
going on when young people who grew grow
up now and maybe in in five years or
whatever when there will be much more
cryptocurrency is probably not only
Bitcoin because we already have now many
more and they are growing so something
is going to change dramatically yeah and
the whole monetary system in the world
because it loses the main stations I
would say they lose the control over and
transactions and what people are doing
so now everybody wants to
have Bitcoin and yeah I’m I’m really
curious how this well the bellman so it
and all these transactions if somebody
pays a private person or let’s say by
some buttons or some drivers act but all
these transactions they are we call it
that’s the only thing which is known
from everybody and these transactions
are more or less in a public letter
it’s called blockchain so it’s stored
and recorded there the people know and
somebody changed to bitcoins in the USA
or whatever which this number who knows
that I mean only the Central Station
probably and I would say that not
everybody know everybody can know what
everybody is doing everybody L know
without without know who it was yet what
I mean they can only see it some
transaction done yeah but it’s without
any names behind it’s like a it’s like a
banknotes friend my my notes Morris
virtual session and I am sure this will
really change everything in the future
so now you see it’s really growing and
yeah interesting and development yeah
and the last point all almost we mention
it already they’re connected to this
let’s get a condition you have to
download small software which gives you
the connectivity to the blockchain and
so everybody is connected to everybody
and this makes it and of course they are
and this is very exciting to trade it
because there are of course
possibilities for speculative or trader
then I know people who really bought
this some time ago and they’re really a
lot of money invested and they made
great games so it’s also
very interesting Daria trading so you
don’t really have to one thing is when
you really buy it and the other thing is
that you can also trade it like for
example offers you the
possibility to trade them it’s like kind
of see if these get to trade them
without buying them and so you can
really also make money and it’s
interesting it’s really exciting and we
will show you on a trading platform how
it works yeah but it’s not everything is
so sunny
we have also shadows yeah and monarchy
yeah and the thing is you the bitcoin is
only an algorithm and you have to store
it some somewhere
and normally you’ll leave it in in your
personal wallet that’s how it is called
and this personal wallet is a more or
less banking account and but Hecker and
these black guys they can they can
primary hair break in steal the
algorithm and have got the money and
that’s what happened several times so
far that’s why it took so long that the
bitcoin came up more or less in the past
and in the past few years I would say
nothing happened really seriously but
before there was a big robbery in Japan
and some hackers have stolen bitcoins in
the birthday occult mall and yeah only
the culture yeah it fits on our us basic
mourneth and they have stolen 125
million plus cool mmm that on USB stick
that’s a modern way to rob a bank
without any gun give me the keyboard
that’s it yeah
and then USB stick it so
yes it is this isn’t another version so
you just have to decipher it anyway
everybody now is buying them and of
course hoping to make a lot of money and
there is Kent but you just have to be
aware of what you are doing one thing M
who is who is taking care for the for
the blockchain for the whole network
these are the – the – are the producers
of the Bitcoin so far we have about 19
million so only two more million to go
and then it will be over the whole game
with the mining but they take care for
the blockchain and discuss electricity
discuss main power manpower energy
thinking and breathing and therefore
they get after a certain time to get the
bitcoins so they get paid more or less
from the whole system but the system is
not paying for it it was created
artificially so the secret system it’s
like printing money and of course there
but there are also other
cryptocurrencies coming a newcomer one
of them we showed you already this is a
Bitcoin of course the most famous one
but in nowadays because the most of the
people they are looking now or the mr.
train for the urban let’s say it in this
place they miss the train
and want to have a cheap another
reservation in cryptocurrency was the
same was the same the story for the
future more or less and one of them is
the etherium how to do English people
say or in fact Jesus okay I think it
sounds so cool eater yes because you
really cannot really grab it or whatever
and it’s like either it’s everywhere and
one one more is the light coin
but the last two ones are not so famous
so far you penetrated this market yes I
think yes it’s more an investment for
the future I don’t think they’re so far
they’re only a hundred and twenty
thousand shops worldwide who accept the
Bitcoin so mmm and they guess about two
and a half to four and a half million
people are owning Bitcoin so far well so
but no exact exact figures you can get
so if you think about it so you have
here maybe some other solutions if you
didn’t yeah I mean Bitcoin is now quite
expensive we say it now it is expensive
but we don’t really know how it will be
in one year or two years sure we cannot
we don’t have any glass bowl to look in
but still there are new ones and I am
sure there will be much more coming out
growing because people like this
solution like this idea and you see how
fast it’s really spreading around the
world so there will be much more to come
but today we also want to tell you how
to trade it by markets calm so then you
can really trade it without buying it so
you don’t really have to buy it but
before we go to our trading platform
here are our contacts when you want to
have any questions or you want to know
something more about trading or
indicators whatever you can contact us
at info at 4x – CENTCOM for example it’s
our company we offer different when we
offer default services and epics so now
let’s go to the trading platform oh it’s
not open it underneath here we have our
trading platform you can see and so we
are already locked in and you can see we
have here our Bitcoin
I changed time frame a little bit yes
because place for hours already and more
lately quite a large candle we will need to
make it a little bit slowly or smaller
to take a look and you see there are
almost on green candles so you can see
we have here early yeah uptrend and now
a small consolation and now I’m really
the indicators they are quite in extreme
I would say we even have a divergence e
MACD is down so we have here even
starting to change the direction but we
have here also it’s overdone for the
moment but you never know it depends on
your time frame of course it’s what a
technical market it’s one a notion among
a market sure and also and you have to
get informed news from the mental market
I would say because if something happens
then you have to be informed so maybe we
don’t have a smaller time frame and then
you see the movements that’s quite
enough action in it is not not a
question but it’s more or less an
emotional market for let’s say many many
people who are buying bitcoins in
wasting money and not trading the money
so I want fast you can see this goes up
and down a little bit in whatever but
more or less is it stable for the moment
so how can you trade it so it’s quite
easy you trade the same as any other
instrument at market calm you can see we
have here you can see we have here our
Bitcoin our window and you see here send
by so it’s really typical how in the
same way when you want to buy you going
by and here you have here contracts and
you can choose here the amount of your
contracts you see the price here you can
play stop-loss take profit so it’s
really the same
is training anything else so I think
most of you what did you expected for
currency yeah but we were supposed to show it and
here we have also ether ether room as
you can see we placed them already when
you search for an instrument you go here
under search and you can just write the
name and you will see and where to find
them we placed all of them where we can
let’s take a look at the ether it’s much
cheaper as you can see still at the
moment it can be different and you can
also here take this yellow star and
place it to your favorite list if you
have such one and if you want to read it
on the red world basis so you have it
and here the right coin or there is
really cheap compared to there so it’s
about the red coin so it could be a good
idea but you can see it’s in one so I am
sure there will be more and for us it’s
cool of course because we get more to
trade and we can have more possibilities
to find something about as Danny said
it’s nothing else in the currency
because it’s the same with also here
when you go Australia under waste over
us or euro Japanese yen is the same the
same principle how you trade it and
market calm they are quickly faster
offer you pretty early the possibility
so now you have to change for yourself
if you wish to to also be active in this
sector well I think that’s all about our
Bitcoin for the first time for now if
you have any question you can as I said
before write us an email or here in the
chat function you can ask but I think
that’s the most important thing you have
to know so we explain it to you and now
still we have some time so maybe we’ll
take a look at the markets all together
what was going on today or what is going
on today
and I would suggest we start with euro
dollar because it was quite interesting
today and we were also on the long sides
before and make a nice window and we are
quite happy and in a good mood now let’s
say we were long yesterday already and I
and we decided to cut the position with
a small profit of 750 for years and 7
pips and after certain time we realized
the market is not going down or there is
no reaction on the downside so if a
market is not falling then it must be
very much is right yeah the first time
is when you see that the indicators are
moving down and you don’t see any
movement in the price so that’s a sign
that it doesn’t really want to go down
or then it’s you have to be aware or
should be aware and that the trend is
still strong and it’s not over yet so
that’s why we decided so at the level at
fifty thirteen and 11350 and we went
again long and then we closed a little
bit below 140 it was our trade from
today but now I can see I had the
feeling that it will go even over 114
but I wasn’t patient enough and I said
okay the market yesterday was really
slowly so we had almost no movement
maybe a range of 20 15 pips which is of
course not that funny if you are a short
time trailer so that’s why today and we
decided to take the money and run and we
did it but now afterwards you can see of
course the price is still going up and
the trend is still active level as but I
don’t blame us because tomorrow the g20
everything will start and it will come
out a lot of news a lot of news and and
unexpected things so you never can be
sure what happened
I mean the talking tonight already air
but yeah the nice dinner but that’s an
important point and you should be aware
about it because these are fundamental
news which can really wait we don’t know
what will happen there and we don’t know
what they will really be talking about
but sometimes they will come something
out one sentence from somebody could be
Donald Trump could be put in whatever
and then it can really move the market
and it can happen of course Friday is
the day where we start the weekend so
there is a little different law on the
market so everybody tries to close their
position for the weekend and when
there’s such an unexpected message any
unexpected message comes out then it
will really move the market and it’s
quite a risky game tomorrow to be in the
market that’s why we decided to close
the position and now I don’t know if we
do something tomorrow we will see how
the markets I think we also have two
more the chocolate exam yesterday two
ones just further in the money yeah
exactly that’s the next thing so we have
to you just have to be a little bit so
you have it in your mind that there are
some fundamental news coming out you can
of course the profit of it if you decide
to but you just have to be prepared and
have to be informed it’s always
important for this news
yeah so I think okay I think that the
euro it still has some power on the
upside but not that much anymore and
maybe until one fourteen thirty versus
space where we take a look at our
indicators because when we look at
thirty minutes then you can see that we
have here indicators where we cannot see
here very well at the moment so let’s
change maybe for one hour and then we
can see no we cannot see sorry for that
let’s take maybe we look five minutes
ahead on the upside so you see
those two lines moving averages they are
running still up so it is still there is
no no sign for the for the change of the
direction so it could be that we’ll have
a side weight strength afterwards but I
can imagine that the 114 said they will
be touched before we have weakened and
it was of course a quite a big effort to
to go through 114 because it was a
really strong resistance but now it’s
through we had a breakout so this level
will be a support for the next time and
we can see that there is as I said of
course 114th now we lost somehow our
indicators and our chart I’m sorry for
this maybe we will change the frame will
change the something with the trading
platform we – of course demo version
because we are showing you everything
but we have here maybe we will have to
login again we will see we have to close
it first
we can go here out maybe and then try to
login again maybe it will help but you
don’t have to close it this way you can
then we try to login again to the
trading platform we’re sorry for this
issue but we had not in our power so we
just try to do our best and login again
and we will see if it works then and we
will just log in again and see if the
indicator is getting better or not so
now we want to show you what
thing with your daughter we are finished
with our analyzes because there will be
a range between 114 and 114 30 I would
say four that’s what our indicator shows
and of course always as we told you
before this or education when we show
you and it is just to explain you how
our trading system works so now is maybe
take a look at the different currency
part and is its Australian dollar yeah
we have here maybe first we take a look
at a bigger timeframe like 30 minutes or
one hour to take a look on the bigger
trend and we have here falling trend as
you can see so short trend the market is
going up down sorry the indicators are
also on the downside to hostak and there
and MACD is also negative red color so
there’s I think there’s some potential
in a bigger timeframe when you change to
five minutes or when we change to five
minutes then we can see that there is
still a little movement on the upside
the indicators are still on the
positives but I don’t think I would like
to do anything here in Australian dollar
because it’s not and really as a chart
or or a situation where I can I feel
comfortable it’s no signal for myself
and if there is no signal for myself and
I don’t know anything so let’s change
maybe to something else or maybe your
old Japan key and also quite interesting
because we have here also a strong trend
as you can see and maybe 30 minutes
first exactly the way they can look at
the bigger and now we can see that way
they have really a strong movement
strong move on the upside
and that means that when you have such a
strong move and there you need a lot of
power to to have a consolidated
consolidation so I think that there will
also still be some potential on the the
up side because yeah euro is getting
stronger also against us Dora and it’s
also always interesting to compare these
both currency parse when you trade them
because often we have their correlation
that’s interesting to see and only 88.8%
what Euro against the Japanese yen and
ninety one salt I left two euros and
it’s growing that’s the reason why it
going oh here it is going up because
they have to cover the positions but
this gives also dynamically into the
market but you can see the two lines
here the blue one and the orange one
these are you can read it here on top is
as simple moving away from em
exponential moving average mister in
vista parameters of twelve and free and
if they are walking beside quite clearly
then you still in a bigger thread so so
till they are not crossing each other we
are still in the long trend that’s quite
okay well let’s go to five minutes but
the picture should be the same more or
less yeah the indicators are in extreme
within five minutes
there can be maybe only a little and
move on the downside if at all but I
think that there is the potential on the
upside and we could take a look at the
bigger timeframe to take a look where
there will be the next resistance next
important level when we take a look at
the chart it’s no one
No so we really have no house that we
can compare that’s how we also read the
chart chart this very important tool and
it’s very important that you can read it
and you know how to interpret it because
it takes you a lot to define to find the
highs and the lows and also the
importance and supports and resistance
but for getting long it’s too late if
you see consolidation and I would say
okay it’s nice to think over and to
choose the no side but for the time
being or for the moment and it’s a
little bit too late to get in yes I
would say no it’s not the right point
right moment to get into the market so
we take a look at the different currency
we change the program well let’s go
dependence we switch the channel like on
TV that’s now British pound against US
dollar well we had there a double top
double high you can see and it was not
possible for the market to go above 80
you can see attached 180 but it was not
read was only a spike so and actually
the real resistance is at about 120 970
and this area seems to be very strong
resistance that’s why the market got the
small disappointment and we had now
falling prices again so now we are at
120 950 about this and five minutes are
beginning to follow there Holden you are
now in a big one it’s four hours so it
doesn’t look to that it falls but in a
smaller time frame
the smaller time frame I agree hundred
percent at least and I have a
consolidation down to 129 something can
be possible we have the next support
where the first and the next support we
have at 30 so there’s quite an important
level and if the market goes through I
36:50don’t believe that it will happen in the
next hours it can happen during the
night so during that next 12 14 15 hours
but not in the next two or three hours I
don’t believe it because in England and
Great Britain we have already closed the
market in America yet they still trade
but I think now it will be quiet
immersive there won’t be much movement
in the next hour so I think that there
is a possibility for for the market to
see one 29 30 that’s over tomorrow there
could be more because when this we have
the strong resistance and if it breaks
then it can go down until the big figure
129 but it’s the future we cannot say
now because it’s too we are short into
it so one press conference couldn’t change
anything can change everything more so
it’s the risky thing with the facing for
tomorrow but that’s our job
yeah and of course you’ll see that the
market doesn’t really want to go down
it’s growing going up now quite quite
fast I am a little bit surprised that we
have now for the time being such a move
it’s quite fast so we have like 10 tips
with in I don’t know 15 10 seconds so it
could be that we will the market tries
to break through this 70 level as I told
you which is a stronger resistance now
it will be interesting so let’s stay
here for a while because it will be very
interesting to see live it would be if
it goes through I can’t imagine I can’t
but maybe they are already talking
something at 3:20 we don’t know we don’t
have to use on at the moment I just take
a look in other currencies so it has
nothing to do with euro because we have
no movement at all nothing is changing
and here this other I told you it’s the
strong resistance so would be not easy
to go through maybe you can hear our dog
sorry for that if it’s too loud and but
it is it’s always with us doing
decisions I would like to see the singer
put yeah let’s go there and take a look
at this currency part will be short
maybe it looks like a short here sorry
for the quietness but sometimes before I
say something I don’t like this picture
really happens in this small time frame
in a smaller time frame it’s definitely
a short yeah I would say so because we
have data stuff I think the indicators
are falling and MACD is also falling but
you have to take a look at this level
and maybe we take a cross and show you
that this lines is a support so we had
two loaves the one is even deeper the
first one here yes and then we have the
other one which is not that deep but all
this and they are support strong support
so if somebody would like to go short
now as to keep in his mind that there
will be a support so the market will be
stopped fast there will stop of course
us dressing the whole era will be traded
during the night so in the next 12 hours
and that can be more movement more power
in the markets we don’t know it
No so not really an interesting we had
interesting moves today already but now
at the moment it’s a bit quiet and not
that much is happening so we are not
able to show you – how to make a trade
because there’s nothing we can make you
of course we control you a trade how to
open the position make it for
demonstration but maybe we take a look
at gold that’s the real money oh yeah
it’s obvious
crypto unless money crypto things there
all this time you go to trade in five
minutes is not the best idea so we moved
to a bigger timeframe 30 minutes but it
goes more more or less right way so yeah
it is strong sideways trend so when you
take a look at it the whole picture the
whole picture we have known our screen
is just sideways not so easy and every
nobody likes side westerns of course but
the small colleagues silver even worse
but now we can when we go back to the
Singapore dollar now it’s really
interesting but it’s going through so
our I think our idea with the short is
not this bad because our indicator
Charlotte and the five minute is
starting already so there’s potential
yeah could be even during the night that
it goes really thicker until the big
figure and say let’s ocean it’s a short
enough dynamic in the market so I guess
he will carry on so you can see
everybody is a little bit more quiet in
the moment so I think you know what had
not the best trading week or not the
best week for trading America had a
official of one of the biggest holidays
monday was a British day more or less so
if they lick was difficult to trade yeah
because there weren’t that many chances
it was quiet tried over were not the
biggest and so I think everybody is
waiting to be fresh on Monday again and
then the markets will move a little bit
we have two results from the g20 meeting
and so on and so on
it’s that’s why I think everybody is
enjoying the fine weather and it’s not
thinking about trading mini hands I
think we will close the session for
today because you see if nothing happens
and if nothing happens we won’t don’t
want to keep you there we have our
sessions very often so we will have our
next webinar take a look at the web page
we have really on many webinars in
English and in German language so we are
we are always pleased when you join us
when you will get in contact with us
when you send us questions because so we
get in touch with you and it’s always
nice to us and as I said before it would
be nice when you join us again for
tonight I like to say thank you very
much that you were with us you are not
very interactive to date and height so I
think you are listening which is of
course awesome to us as well and we will
do the next webinars the next live
trading and also different topics so
stay with us
and join us and for tonight I wish you
all the best have a nice evening day
whatever successful and take care bye
bye yeah bye bye from my side as well
and to have a good time and hear read
speak to you next time thank you Kevin

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