The London Open Trade Strategy

The London Open Forex Trade Strategy with Darko Ali and Vic Noble
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The London Open Trade Strategy

The London Open Trade Strategy (LOTS), as opposed to the London Close Trading Strategy, is a 100%, rules-based Forex trading setup strategy created by Darko Ali and Vic Noble to help Forex traders locate and enter trades in a pre-defined way.

This unique yet simple trading system offers 100% objectivity in how a trade is validated, with rules for entry and stops, and strict guidelines for trade management, all resulting in trades with high accuracy and favourable risk-to-reward.

$179 for the online version
$249 for the DVD version (includes online version)

Darko has been trading this setup for several years now, and in addition to that, he has back-tested this very objective strategy for over 5 years.

The results have been outstanding!.

The LO trade strategy is not only Darko’s favourite strategy, it’s the one that has been responsible – many times – for turning a potentially losing month into a profitable month.

It is a simple and straight-forward pattern that is very easy to learn. You can literally get up to speed in one day and trade it the next. In fact, Darko even trades this setup from his smartphone!

The London Open Trade Strategy could even be the only setup you trade. If so your trading life just got a whole lot simpler!