Being consistently profitable in forex trading is not easy and even though you could make a great deal of money simply by choosing the right way that a pair is going to go and risking a large portion of your account, this is no guarantee of long term profits.

You could just as easily lose it all on the next trade.

Probably the best way that a beginner trader can learn to make money from the markets is to find a mentor who will guide them through all the pitfalls that are present.

I’m not consistently successful enough to call a mentor myself, but I do have a mentor who’s trading style makes sense to me. I’ve decided to follow this method of trading and I’m inviting you to join me, if you’re interested in learning to trade the markets following an easy to understand strategy.

If you are interested in joining, please fill in the form on this page. Doing so will add you to the mailing list I’ve created to keep a conversation going.

You will also have immediate access to the name of the mentor, the link to his course as well as details of the preferred broker where you can open a live trading account.

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