The idea that confirmation price action signals will generate trading profits consistently?

Watch this video and see why they don’t.

  1. The majority of institutional orders are occuring during London session the Reuters fix or the New York session and they’re mostly limit orders.
  2. A poor Feedback loop. The number of trades you’ll take waiting for these signals means that you’ll take less than 5 or 10 trades a month.

There is no point of looking for confirmation.

If there is, traders putting a stoploss above pinbars or whatever the candlestick pattern is, makes no sense.

If that is a confirmation they should be so confident that they shouldn’t need to place a stoploss, but they do, so in the end it negates the whole idea of confirmation.

If you are looking at a level to enter just go to 5min charts at the level and watch the price action forming live and then enter.


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