Update: TdMarkets has now had an FSB announcement made about them.

Read about it first here, before you read the rest below.

Global Forex Institute is now offering free training
(& free funding) to traders who sign up for a
live account on their new platform, TdMarkets.

It can’t hurt to try them out, so click here and see what amount of funds you qualify for.

The video below propelled Sandile into the limelight when he was feted as the youngest millionaire in South Africa.

News24 has however been writing a series of articles on the business and uncovering all sorts of intrigue and drama.



I haven’t had a close look at his business or the people involved in it, though I have had some brief encounters with co-founder George on Facebook.

Take a read at some of the articles on their site, especially this one for the comments and this one for his own response.

Unfortunately, as is normally the case in our racially polarised nation, the discussion has turned to one of race with many commentators accusing the journalist of racial bias and of dragging a brother down when he’s flying high.

I reserve judgement and prefer to focus on my own fledgling trading career.

I don’t have designs to teach thousands or millions of people, I just want to become a better trader and make consistent profits, but if you have any experience with GFI, then please let me know in the comments below.

If you’re however looking to learn from GFI, then you should perhaps take advantage of their free training if you trade with their broker of choice, TDMarkets.

Click here to sign up for a trading account and some free funding.


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