the fantasy an 8 hour lucid drea

“The Fantasy” An 8 Hour Lucid Dream Induction iDoser Free Binaural Brain Dose

The most Powerful Lucid Dream 8 Hour binaural brainwave dose available ANYWHERE!

The most Powerful Lucid Dream 8 Hour binaural brainwave dose available ANYWHERE!

New, with Auto-Recall – an incredibly complex series of binaural brain tones and beautifully orchestrated music that will program your brain to auto-remember your dream and recall it the second you wake up IN FULL DETAIL.

THIS IS IMPORTANT, because intertwined is also the world’s most powerful isochroric, ASMR and binaural induction trigger sequences that will encourage the most vivid erotic dream fantasy you have EVER EXPERIENCED.

Using years of binaural research, you will be eased into deep REM sleep, and all the associated phases, while imagery of pure sexual fantasy is programmed into your mind.

There is NO NEED to think of sexual thoughts or try to force or focus on the experience.

Just put on this powerful induction music and go to bed.

Your mind will craft the erotic sleep dreamscape for you based on your deep desires, and our amazing full-night sequence will take care of the rest! Auto-Recall sequencing will make sure you remember it when you wake up.

Unlike amateur of fake sexual induction music, ours is backed by 10 years of research by the world’s top binaural company.

This 8 hour sample is a non-effective sample as YouTube codecs compresses the sound to render it useless. Get an effective dose here.

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the fantasy an 8 hour lucid drea
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