Baracka from Africka

Baracka from Africka A KaHuna Massage Mix

An hour long massage mix perfect for lomilomi sessions that facilitate transformation in body mind and soul. Please listen, download and share freely.

Some time ago I attended a sacred mushroom journey and part of the soundtrack was this amazing music from Desert Rose.

Being born in a Muslim family with an Islamic upbringing, I have all these Arabic chants permanently etched in my brain.

Baracka from Africka

Anyway, hearing them all again in that state of consciousness made me fall in love with this music all over again and when I had the opportunity of using this in a massage mix, I didn’t hesitate one bit.

You can find my other mixes here. The YouTube video had a copyright claim against it and so they’ve muted the whole track. Nevertheless you can find the tracklisting below to listen to the individual tracks or sign up to my mailing list to download the full track.

Track Listing

Please use the links below to listen to the individual tracks or download the full mix here.

  1. Bismillah – Desert Rose
  2. El Flamenco del Rumi – Oliver Shanti & Friends
  3. At This Point In My Life – Tracy Chapman
  4. God Bless Africa (Sa National Anthem) – Desert Rose
  5. Gloria para el Pacifico Dios – Oliver Shanti & Friends
  6. Leave It To Me – Rozalla
  7. Tema De Maimara – Los Incas
  8. Oneness – Desert Rose
  9. Won’t Let Go – Freshly Ground
  10. Through the Arbor – Kevin Kern
  11. Remembrance of My Lord – Desert Rose
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