I’ve written about Kahuna Massage many times before, started therapist listings on my site and now busy with creating a “product” so that I can accept bookings via this site and allow people to pay via credit card and it seems like I’m ready to start promoting this incredible healing art-form to the general public again.

To celebrate this fact, I’m offering a R250 discount on the 60 minute long sessions if you use the coupon code “westdene” when ordering and checking out. Use the coupon code without quotation marks and all in small letters. That means you’ll only pay R500 instead of R750 for the hour session.

Go to https://harounkola.com/product/kahuna-bodywork/ to book your session now, buy one as a gift for a friend (or frenemy) and please share this post far and wide to let everyone know about this offer.

If you have any questions, can’t manage to order properly or need any help please contact me for more information or help.

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