LomiLomi in Lenasia & JHB

“Kahuna” Massage with Haroun Kola

A profoundly healing deep tissue massage therapy for body, mind & emotions.
R300 for an hour long massage “Opening Special”

My name is Haroun Kola, I’ve been learning and practicing Kahuna Massage for over 2 decades and have recently returned to offering these massage sessions to clients and I hope that you will be one of them.

Lomilomi is a Hawaiian word that simply means massage. As a tool for deep relaxation it’s a truly special experience, one that many people feel absolutely fortunate to receive. It has been healing and invigorating people for centuries.

In the Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures its been practiced in, it’s believed that these unique techniques can restore the body’s physical, emotional, and spiritual balance, leading to an overall sense of well-being.

During your massage, I use my hands, forearms, and even elbows to work deep into your muscles with long, flowing strokes.

Whether you’re looking to destress, relieve pain, or simply take a break, regular Lomilomi sessions offer a unique and transformational experience that will benefit both your body, mind and spirit.

Since I’ve been out of action as a therapist for such a long time, I’ve decided to run this discount promotion to build a client base coming once or twice a month. I want as many people to experience of a session of this amazing massage.

Pay as little as R300

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Pay Just R300

Testimonials from past clients

chantell venter

My name is Chantell Venter and I am 50 years old. I’ve was born with a neuro-muscular disorder which is also a genetic disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 3. Well the fancy name is Wolfart Kugelberg-Welander Syndrome which affects the development of my muscles and I’ve been in wheelchairs for 43 years.

The massage helps you to relax, it eases the knots. It makes my pain levels almost disappear and sometimes it does disappear. It’s very relaxing, your mind empties from all the nonsense that you carry around in it and if you’ve got a good Kahuna, who knows his job, he encourages you throughout the session.

The touch does a lot for for your soul

Chantell Venter


My Name is Merelda and I am an  addictions councillor. My telephone number is  (072) 775-4952

As an addictions counsellor I do a lot of massages  just to help  with the pressure. Minimum I do is once a month when I’m really struggling, I do twice a month but I can’t see myself going back to any of the places I’ve been to over the years after THIS massage.

There’s absolutely NO comparison. [I am] completely relaxed, completely nothing, just the nothingness…

He knew exactly what my body needed and adjusted accordingly. When he asked me to do the deep breath in and the deep breath out I actually felt the release of tension.

I love the prayer that he sends up to the universe for me to get thehealing that I came looking for and I feel I have and I’m so eternally grateful.

the surroundings are beautiful, you’re warm, you’re comfortable and there’s this thing that he does with the cloth like he’s not touching you but he’s just moving the cloth and you find stuff inside of you that either has been buried forever you just didn’t know existed.

And when he starts he waves his hands over your body and you feel so I can’t describe it though I’ve been talking for five minutes but I’m still speechless as to what I’ve experienced here. Thank You 

Merelda Bachiri


My name is Matthew and I am also a massage therapist. I do more sports and remedial  massage and also holistic massage involving some Reiki and I’m incorporating some Thai stretches. and so just general relaxation. I also teach yoga, mostly Vinyasa yoga but also Yin yoga  & Ashtanga.

You can contact me via Facebook, I’m Mathew Rain Skinner. or on WhatsApp/Phone (076) 535 2973

[Speaking about LomiLomi] It’s a very, very different type of massage. I found the movements very fast, [but] deeply relaxing anyway, so I felt that I could really relax into it. It felt like I really sank into my being able to just let go and just be in it. I don’t think I’ve had that before where you go under the body and I found it quite soothing in a way. And I like the music and your singing as well, it adds a nice element.

I feel like I can go home and sleep, feel like I’m a lot more grounded, thank you so much. Really loved it, really great experience. Spread the word.

Mathew Rain Skinner


I am Natasha I’m an optometrist. [you] can contact me on my number 0828525340.

I’m now working from home in Bryanston, Natasha Jeena Optometrist.

It felt like I was being cradled by the universe. It felt like this is the next best thing to being cradled in my mother’s womb.

I didn’t think I’d fall up to sleep because it’s quite a Hands-On massage and it’s quite physical but it felt like I was just swirling around in my mother’s womb it was the most amazing experience it took me a while to get off that bed and I’m slowly grounding myself now.

Natasha Jeena