The Conscious Uncoupling Quest. A program to heal your broken heart

How to get over a break-up and finally move on in peace

Katherine Woodward Thomas is your relationship therapist

Heartbreak is a pain we’re all too familiar with…

But we don’t have to be.

You see, a huge part of breakup hurt is that we’ve been fed false myths about love.

And when our relationships don’t measure up to these myths, and heartbreak happens, we can’t let it go.

We wrack our brains and our hearts for answers, unable to free ourselves from these myths… because that’s how we’ve been told love works.

Problem is, when we experience this deep emotional pain, it takes root. Not only are we unable to free ourselves during a breakup — we carry that pain with us, sometimes for years afterward.

According to relationship therapist Katherine Woodward Thomas, the solution to this is to firmly reject these love myths and allow ourselves to truly heal after a breakup.

Katherine Woodward Thomas’ unique heart-healing method: Conscious Uncoupling.

Instead of recounting every detail of our relationships…

You can stop thinking about your ex and move forward with peace, honoring the love you shared.

Instead of holding onto the hurt from a breakup…

You can release the negative feelings that are associated with breakups and choose to replace them with kindness and love.

Instead of trying to just ‘cope’ or get through it…

You can reject the myth that time heals all wounds, heal your heart in a way that restores you, and brings so much positivity for your future love life.

After personally counseling and guiding hundreds through this conscious way to end a relationship, Katherine has developed a gentle, step-by-step emotional process you can use to bring more awareness, healing, and compassion into a breakup – whether you’re doing it alone or with your former partner.

Discover how in this remarkable new online program she’s released with Mindvalley (and check out the special launch discount they’ve activated for our community):

conscious uncoupling

Discover the Conscious Uncoupling Quest: Heal Your Heart, Reclaim Your Power, and Live Happily Ever After

Whether you’re in the middle of a breakup, thinking of breaking up, or even if you experienced a painful breakup some time ago…

Then conscious uncoupling could change everything for you. Here’s how.

conscious uncoupling

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