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Thanks for visiting my page about Kahuna Massage, a healing technique I’ve spent a large part of my life investigating and practicing.

On this page I’ll share the story of my own personal journey in the learning of this ancient Hawaiian and Polynesian healing art form. I’ll document some of the work I’ve done with clients and introduce you to fellow therapists, I know who are practising this healing art form. I’ll invite you to experience a session with me and I’ll share a special voucher code below.

Let’s start this journey with Anthea Hardwick, my teacher who brought this form to South Africa.

Or if you’d like to read further, then:

What is Kahuna Massage?

KaHuna combines prayer (pule), breath (ha), energy (mana) and uses the power of flowing massage strokes for deep relaxation, to release blockages in your body and to allowing your spirit to awaken.;">

Steeped in the ancient traditions of Hawaiian spirituality and healing and made popular to the west by Serge Kahili King and Max Freedom Long, Lomilomi (the original Hawaiian word for what’s know known as Kahuna Massage) is returning to a world which is yearning for a return of gentleness and affectionate touch.

During a KaHuna session you will feel deeply nurtured and healed. You may fall into a light trance as the rhythmical massage movements flow over you like warm ocean currents. This amazing bodywork sets your being into a fluid motion and creates a space within you to bring about a beautiful change in your physical body, flowing into your emotional & psychological levels, changing your mental patterns and integrating it all by bringing about profound changes in your spiritual being.

Kahuna bodywork takes you deep within your self where you can listen to your own body and understand the effects of your past experiences and where necessary, to heal those experiences. Its like a combination of a light aromatherapy massage with the penetration of a deep tissue leaving you relaxed, and invigorated.

Here is a beautifully shot video that shows what you could experience.

What happens during and after a KaHuna massage?

Every time you get a Kahuna massage you will experience something different.

    • Physically, your body changes shape reflecting the inner healing and growth and the release of destructive behaviour patterns.
    • You develop clarity of vision and direction, as well as a more flexible, open and positive attitude.
    • Your relationships blocks are gently cleared and you will feel happier and freer.
    • Connect with your higher self through dance, movements, breathwork and meditation. This helps develops an awareness of the symbols in your life and their significance.

KaHuna massage helps you to accept and love yourself

Using the principles of ho-onoponopo (to make right)words are not powerful enough to express the magic and power of this healing system. You can only appreciate this once you have tried it out for yourself. Read what some people have said about their Kahuna experience:

  • ” Yes! It is a lot more than a massage; it’s an experience”
  • “Getting a KaHuna massage is like swimming with dolphins”
  • “It feels like a soul to soul dance”
  • “A gift of deep and exquisite healing “
  • “The best massage I have ever had, the Rolls Royce of all massages”
  • “You feel whole and touched inside and out”;">

Kahuna Massage Music

Here’s my latest 1 hour long mix that I’m currently working on. Take a listen and let me know what you think.

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I'm currently working from Westdene Johannesburg. Call me on (082)561-4455 to book your session


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Other Kahuna Therapists and Latest Massage News

You might notice that I charge much more per session than other therapists practicing the same art. If you’d like to receive a session from another therapist that’s more budget friendly, please find one here.

If you’re a therapist from the same tradition I follow and would like to be listed on this page, please get in touch with me

KaHuna Massage Level 2. 3 December 2017

OPEN YOUR HEART AND SPREAD YOUR WINGS KAHUNA LEVEL 2 JHB WHEN: 30 NOVEMBER - 03 DECEMBER COST: R3800 We will explore the yin domain we dance with in kahuna massage, the front of the body. As the yang, in short is the domain of action and direction, the yin we will...




EKUPHUMLENI is an ideal home for full body massage, pregnancy massage, skeletal massage, polynesian floor work and opu hule stomach massage. For Kinesiology, the focus is on general emotional well being of teenagers, Teenagers in sport and several health products to...

Level 3 Advanced Kahuna Massage Bodyworker Cape Town 2017

Become a confident, professional kahuna practitioner. Develop the skill required to work with diverse clients with different issues, injuries and problem areas. 18h00 Wednesday 24 —13h00 Sunday 28 May. Live in style retreat Cape Town Venue to be confirmed. Total...

Kahuna Massage Training dates for the Aloha Life Centre 2017

Aloha! Kahuna Massage Trainings and Retreats for 2017 25 - 29 January Level 6 retreat at Melody HIll retreat Magaliesburg 16 -19 February Level 1 Mpumalanga (non live in training) 23 - 26 February Level 2 Mpumalanga (non live in training) 09 - 12 March Level 1 JHB 23...

Kahuna Massage Training dates in September

There is still time and space to join Nicole and Anthea for this magical experience.
08 -11 SEPTEMBER 2016
Facilitated by Nicole Antonie
15 -18 SEPTEMBER 2016
Facilitated by Anthea Hardwick

Book a Kahuna Massage Session with me

I’m currently working from Westdene Johannesburg.
Call me on (082)561-4455 to book your session

The best place to to read about a kahuna massage experience is from someone who has experienced it.

If you’ve received a massage session from me in the past, please leave your feedback and comments here:

Other Client’s Testimonials

My experience with Kahuna Massage was sacred with my Kahuna massage client Lerato I was stimulated and loved which made me become more aware of my body. It made for myself a true existence coming out of the cold and gloomy world that isolated space and time. In love I was rocked in silence to feel myself no longer living or thinking, to believe that the mind which in vain the body recalls, has quit beyond return its mortal husk and forever swims in the rays of energy. I rose to GOD like a living fragrance.

Lerato Stoffel

I have never had a massage/healing session quite like this

Having never had a Hawaiian massage prior to this (and not researching it on the net) I felt drawn to Kahuna, and it is very evident WHY. It is said that each person experiences something unique & truly different through their massage, and I was no exception! I can honestly say that you helped ’something’ leave my body and I could actually see and feel this happening, like a large black shape leaving my body when you touched my head and my feet. I have never felt better – I feel different and it is wonderful! I am truly looking forward to my next session and many more after that…. Thank you Haroun!!

Ashleigh Davies

Mohini Karson

Book a Kahuna Massage Session with me

I’m currently working from Westdene Johannesburg.
Call me on (082)561-4455 to book your session

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