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Kahuna Massage is a healing technique inspired by the Hawaiian Lomi-lomi Technique

I’ve spent a large part of my life learning about it and also practicing professionally at one stage in my life (although I don’t actively work as a therapist anymore.)

On this page I’ll share the story of my own personal journey in the learning of this ancient healing art form.

What is Kahuna Massage?

KaHuna combines prayer (pule), breath (ha), energy (mana) and uses the power of flowing massage strokes for deep relaxation, to release blockages in your body and to allowing your spirit to awaken.

Steeped in the ancient traditions of Hawaiian spirituality and healing and made popular to the west by Serge Kahili King and Max Freedom Long, Lomilomi (the original Hawaiian word for what’s know known as Kahuna Massage) is returning to a world which is yearning for a return of gentleness and affectionate touch.

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Let’s start this journey with Anthea Hardwick my teacher and founder of Aloha Life Centre who brought this healing form to South Africa. She teaches this bodywork in a series of live-in retreats around the country.

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KaHuna Massage Helps You To Love & Accept Yourself

Using the principles of ho-onoponopo (to make right) words are not powerful enough to express the magic and power of this healing system.

You can only truly appreciate it once you have tried it out for yourself.

During a KaHuna massage session you will feel deeply nurtured and healed. You may fall into a light trance as the rhythmical massage movements flow over you like warm ocean currents.

This amazing bodywork sets your being into a fluid motion and creates a space within you to bring about a beautiful change in your physical body, flowing into your emotional & psychological levels, changing your mental patterns and integrating it all by bringing about profound changes in your spiritual being.


Kahuna bodywork takes you deep within your self where you can listen to your own body and understand the effects of your past experiences and where necessary, to heal those experiences. Its like a combination of a light aromatherapy massage with the penetration of a deep tissue leaving you relaxed, and invigorated.

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What happens during and after a KaHuna massage?

Every time you get a Kahuna massage you will experience something different.

Kahuna Therapists in Your Area

If you’d like to receive a session, please find a massage therapist that works in your area.

  • KaHuna Massage in Sandton with Niki Manferdini

    KaHuna Massage in Sandton with Niki Manferdini

    Kahuna found Niki during a time of self-reflection and re-calibration; a time when she needed to get back in touch with her authentic self. Despite an initial resistance, she found herself responding very deeply to the call of Kahuna bodywork. She attended her first Level 1 training with Anthea Hardwick in 2011 and fell in […]

  • Kahuna Massage with Anthea Hardwick of Aloha Life Centre

    Kahuna Massage with Anthea Hardwick of Aloha Life Centre

    Anthea Hardwick is the principal teacher and bodyworker at Aloha Life Centre in Johannesburg South Africa. She teaches Kahuna Massage through Africa and around the world.



    Ekuphumleni is a place of rest, calm and tranquillity. The centre is located at 62 Westerford Avenue, Douglasdale, a peaceful and warm setting. Sessions are offered in an environment that is caring, non- judgemental, safe, where the client finds the highest and best interest to rejuvenate body, mind and soul in a holistic way.

  • Heidi’s KaHuna Massage in Brisbane Australia

    Heidi’s KaHuna Massage in Brisbane Australia

    Heidi’s passion is to support you on your healing journey through a beautiful holistic approach. She offers a range oftherapies including Kahuna massage and bodywork, Hawaiian Heartworks LomiLomi massage, and Pregnancy Ka Huna massage. She cares deeply about your unique needs and drasw on a wealth of experience to inspire you to “make your life’s journey […]

  • KaHuna Massage in Scarborough Cape Town

    KaHuna Massage in Scarborough Cape Town

    Please contact Lotta Nilsson Cell: 079 782 1389 Phone: (021) 780 1560 Email: weavers@dream-weavers.co.za

  • Kahuna Massage with Abe Strauss

    Kahuna Massage with Abe Strauss

    Based in Stellenbosch, Western Cape, Abe provides a mobile service that covers the greater Cape Town region. Receive your massage in the comfort of your home. Once you feel the spaced out feeling, all you have to do is relax further. Abe Strauss Bodywork Massage Therapist Cell: 082 903 1914 Email: afstrauss@telkomsa.net Web: bodywork.co.za

  • De Stress Refuge Kahuna Massage in Blairgowrie

    De Stress Refuge Kahuna Massage in Blairgowrie

    De-Stress Refuge was created with the ambition to provide excellence in affordable Wellness and Healing services. Contact Lazarina on (011)781 8211. Email: laika.eft@axxess.co.za. www.de-stress-refuge.com

  • Conscious Birth – KaHuna Massage in Melville

    Conscious Birth – KaHuna Massage in Melville

    Faciliting confident living for woman. Theoni Papoutsis, 083 229 3253. theoni@consciousbirth.co.za www.consciousbirth.co.za

If you’re a student of Anthea Hardwick and would like to be listed on this page, please get in touch with me to be included in this page.