At 427 pages this study guide is a monster of detail into every single step of creating and editing ads in Google’s Search Advertising Product.


Needing to pass just one more exam to be certified in their system, the first exam on the basics of Adwords was easy for someone of my practical experience with their system but because they have a 7 day waiting period before you can do the test again, I’ve decided to give this document a once over. Its taking a bit longer than I anticipated and I’m hoping to complete my first attempt in 2 days time.

Watch this space as soon I’ll have a piece of proof that the Goog thinks I know enough of their advertising system to work on your campaigns.

Update: I’ve passed the advanced search exam, only just as I scored 80%, though I used a google account not connected to my MCC adwords account now my small dilemma is do I do the easy Adwords Basic exam on this account or the harder advanced exam on the account connected to my MCC account?


In my own mind I’m certified now, I’ll verify and confirm by passing one of the other exams tomorrow morning and be a bona fide search marketing professional.

Now I don’t like cheating and I didn’t use this extensively, but in researching some of the more silly questions I came across this cheat sheet which documents answers taken in an April 2015 exam scoring 87%.

It may just help you answer some of the more idiotic questions and you have to click to share below to learn the identity of the site.