Here’s where you can buy gold online. These online platforms will allow you to own gold and protect your wealth from the collapse of the fiat economic system.


This is the platform that I use myself.

When Goldmoney bought Bitgold, I was already using their bitcoin (or rather the blockchain) to transfer some of my income into gold.

With vaults around the world and a prepaid debit card so that you can use your savings in gold to pay for goods and services, they’re one that I can personally vouch for.

WIth only a 0.5% cost on buying, redeeming, vault storage AND insurance as well as funding your card, this is the most convenient ways of owning the precious metal around at the moment.

Click here to buy gold from Goldmoney now

Regal Assets

Regal Assets BannerI must confess, I signed up to Regal Assets because of their affiliate program, they pay 3% commissions on any purchases on their products and so its a very lucrative program to join.

But, nevertheless, they are an excellent place to buy gold from. They have an excellent reputation and they support their customers like no other.

Buy gold from Regal Assets here.


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