Branding and marketing, in general, are very important to companies in order to promote their products. In order to do this, they are ready to go through any challenge do what it takes. Most of the times, the biggest challenge is the actual beginning of a company, because of the Brand name.

In today’s digital world Financial companies have been trying to squeeze through all the tech and get their platforms online. It has been a resounding success in terms of innovation, but the issue of branding still stands. A good platform needs a good name, therefore companies started to scramble and acquire “good” domains as quickly as possible, not shying away from tall prices. However, this begs the question, does a “loud” domain name mean a good quality in FX? Let’s take a look.

What is a “loud” domain name?

A loud domain name is something that is directly connected to a product that the company
specializes in. There are many examples of these types of domain names in the financial
industry but the most notorious ones would be:,, and etc.

Hope you get the idea. It is very handy to have your domain name actually be the main product
interested people may be looking for. It will definitely lead to more search appearance and down
the line may lead to better sales.

But does it mean that this loud domain name provides good service? Let’s check some of them

Brokers who own “loud” domain names

First of all, it is need to be mentioned that a good domain name does not come cheap. So you can expect pretty much every broker who owns one to have a nice budget under their belt. Let’s get into them.

  1. is the next broker on our list. While it can certainly give us an impression of a legitimate brokerage, we do remember the things that happened with another loud name company – This is why we certainly recommend you to check review before you establish an opinion about this company. The website just underwent some updates and has become a lot more smooth in its design, giving a better experience in info gathering. Thanks to their recognizable name the broker managed to gather a large following and therefore invest in their service system. They offer tight spread and high leverage (however ESMA may change that), pretty much every asset to trade and most importantly they can afford no commissions of CFDs thanks to the traffic their name brings them. Another point for the theory.
  2. One of the newest additions to the financial family is no exception for the domain name hype. Cryptos also need good domain names so that customers understand their product specialization. emerged recently as one of the most expensive domains in the financial industry and has been hitting record high numbers in terms of cryptocurrency listings. Thanks to the popular name, they are able to procure new cryptos to list on their platform without even having to look for them themselves. Therefore giving their customers a fluid experience. With all the traffic, investments were made in their processing system as well as the transaction system, therefore making one of the most visited sites for the industry. Another score for the theory
  3. is as easy as it gets. Do you want a forex broker that you’re looking for and can’t find one? Well, you may just go for the one with the best name and it doesn’t get better than We looked into it to see whether or not their name correlates with their quality. And in all honesty, it does. Their website design is nice in a way that it is tailored for traders of all generations. It’s not too customized. The trading platforms for this broker are pretty much state of the art, featuring the good old MetaTrader and their own personal apps. They also talk the talk and walk the walk. is currently the leader in the Forex industry, further adding strength to the “loud” domain name theory.


When we took a look at these brokers, we got a general idea, that maybe these names are actually working. But the fact is that these companies work very hard to make their platforms the best they could be. So we wouldn’t delegate all the credit unto the domain names, however, there is now no doubt that they are a great perk to have as a financial services provider.