How to get instant access to 200+ verified Forex trading signals from DigiTrade

The My Digitrade Copy Trading Platform is the simplest way to trade Forex market like a Pro. A revolutionary idea of investment and passive income generation in financial markets. Click here to watch the video and see how it operates.

You can select among TOP signal providers and try a real-time demo for free. Verify the accuracy of trading signals and the honesty of the platform.

MyDigiTrade is a versatile copy trading platform which connects forex signal providers to trading signal receivers.

The service helps users find and copy a suitable forex trading strategy with ease.

It gathers information directly from forex signal providers trading account and displays all the parameters for an in-depth trading strategy analysis.

When deciding on which trading signal provider to follow you can check the full trading history, get insights on the overall and most recent profitability, drawdowns, recovery period and lots of other useful stats.

The number of available signals you can currently follow is over 200, they pre-screen signal providers and there are only strategies that prove to have moderate risk and solid performance.

The best part about copy trading through MyDigiTrade is that it offers forex daily signals free of charge.

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