Mike Bellafiore has built one of the most respected prop firms known to Wall Street.

With over 40 traders on his desk including multiple 7 figure traders, Mike knows what it takes to be a consistently profitable trader.

Mike shares his insights into the personalities, the expectations and the tips and tricks to becoming as good as the Wall Street elite.

Mike also shares his 7 step frame work to “One Good Trade”

Finally, Mike talks about the process a trader must go through including common mistakes, personality traits and mind sets.

In this video Mike goes over:

1) Want to trade – The importance of knowing why you are doing it.
2) Expectations – How long the process should take
3) Accountability – Having the right people around you
4) Learn – The correct process of learning
5) Trading – Building discretion and improving
6) Have & Help – Results, helping others and education.

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