manifesting from the soul

Manifested the things you want but still feel unfulfilled?

Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith will show you how to live life from a state of pure inspiration in this Masterclass from Mindvalley

Are you someone who…

… Has tried manifesting something into your life but can never make what you want a reality?

Or are you someone who…

… Successfully manifests an outcome you want but the joy and fulfillment you hoped for never lived up to your expectations?

Whichever category you fall under, one thing is for certain: the way we’ve been taught how to manifest the things we want in life is completely outdated.

Which is why you’re invited to a NEW Mindvalley Masterclass with spiritual teacher Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith where he’ll show you how to live life from a state of pure inspiration…

So you can start manifesting only the outcomes that bring you lasting joy, fulfillment, happiness and that truly resonate with your soul.

According to Dr. Beckwith, most people fall into the trap of trying to manifest what they THINK they want.

Things and experiences that were projected onto us by our parents, our culture, our society, our religion, and so on.

But ask yourself: are the things I’m trying to bring into the world what my soul really, really wants for me?

This is the crux of Dr. Beckwith’s brand new True Manifesting from the Soul Masterclass.

And in this free class you’ll discover:

  1. A framework of understanding your spiritual growth so you know where you are and what you need to do to get to the next level.
  2. Why certain outcomes never become a reality no matter how hard you try.
  3. And how to tap into something greater within you so you can surrender (and this is the crucial part) to what your soul wants for your life.

These are deeply profound, esoteric ideas. But once you “get it” – all the struggle and striving you once experienced will be replaced with flow and ease as the things YOU really need in life come to you effortlessly. 

Visit this page to register for free: Dr. Beckwith’s True Manifesting from the Soul Masterclass.

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