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Bitcoin SEO

Bitcoin SEO

My SEO services will help you get traffic from Google on a consistent basis and convert browsers into customers through keyword analysis to find the most appropriate keywords to write content for.

Content marketing, to create multimedia content that engages your target audience and builds a trusting relationship as well as seeding social media conversations to put your offer in front of hungry eyes.

Your investment is $250 a month if you pay by bitcoin, $275 for PayPal payments and R3000 if you pay via EFT into my South African account.

I recommend a minimum of 6 months to track how the traffic from Google is converting. This amount includes creating 8 pieces of content a month, 2 well researched articles a week (to target long tail keywords pertinent to what your target market is actively looking for online) and is for an unlimited number of keywords.

But first I do an  audit of your site to see how well connected it is with Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and create appropriate connections to make your site easy to find and share on these networks.

Then your content is seeded on these networks and periodically reshared to keep bringing the message to new audiences.

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