My Blog

Welcome to my blog. Here you will find my articles on whatever interests me at the moment.

Currently I’m very interested in Green Hydrogen and the potential for a revolution in our energy useage.

And to express my ideas.

  • Toothless in the Township

    Toothless in the Township

    I recently lost a filling that I had since my teenage years when I first broke this tooth. Thankfully my dentist had an appointment available to fix it quick.


  • Do you know what you really want in 2022?

    Do you know what you really want in 2022?

    Jon and Missy are two ordinary people who discovered how to create extraordinary outcomes in all 12 dimensions of life at once.


  • Quantum Mechanics Course

    Quantum Mechanics Course

    A fundamental theory in physics that provides a description of the physical properties of nature at the scale of atoms and subatomic particles.


  • Modern Physics Full Lecture Course

    Modern Physics Full Lecture Course

    Physics developed from the early 20th century and onward include quantum physics, special relativity, and general relativity.


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