Applying For The Bitcoin Ekasi Bitcoin Adoption Conference in Cape Town

Bitcoin adoption could have a positive impact in a South African township setting. The Adopting Bitcoin Cape Town conference seeks to encourage further adoption at a grassroots level. Specifically in the townships.

I recently came across this tweet from Bitcoin Ekasi

That led me on a wild goose chase down the rabbit hole of Bitcoin Adoption and NOSTR, I find myself currently listening to this conversation about it and I’m getting a bit lost in all the information and development about this new social media like protocol.

Lost in a good way, because since Jack Dorsey, ex-Twitter, which is now X. It’s all very confusion but him giving some Bitcoin to the developer of NOSTR, things have exploded in the space of decentralised web publishing, cheap and easy payments (decentralised), and decentralised store of value on the main chain. So…

My idea for funding to promote Bitcoin Adoption is to host a Livestream/Podcast/Channel that onboards people into learning about BTC, LN and NOSTR and earning sats primarily from LiveStreaming, other forms of content creation & transacting as a merchant.

Here’s an example of such a livestream, just a recording of myself, this call for funding a project and my experience in doing a livestream using the Nostr platform and about teaching the Nostr platform.


In preparation for drafting the application via email to (please send in your own applications as well with your ideas) I’ve been investigating the many different NOSTR clients and the one in particular that has captured my attention is ZapStream.

zap stream

Those are links to my livestream channel and in the absence of a TikTok like app, I think a live stream one is a good fit for what I am envisioning.

A social app on using the NOSTR protocol include the ability to livestream to ZapStream and get funded by the grant from Bitcoin Ekasi into their Lightning Wallet for every Merchant they onboard into the Bitcoin Ekasi network. This will hopefully incentivise the onboarding of merchants when they have an influx of people wanting to buy and pay with Lightning Network.

My next step is to do a live stream talking about these ideas, going through the various ways I’ve earned zaps and sats from the online activities that I do and I just hope that it will be a virtuous cycle all the way through.

“Streaming Sats” via my channel to help onboard people to the Nostr (publishing and earning), Lightning Network (earning from Zaps, transacting, onboarding merchants), and Bitcoin (saving onchain, self-custody, cold-storage) networks.

Teaching people how to earn sats from reading Bitcoin Magazine articles, playing ZeeBeeDee games, betting on the price on LNMarkets, listening to Fountain podcasts and other forms that I’ve yet to realise.

Essentially I want to prove to people that they can make a living earning real money (Bitcoin, in the form of Sats on the Lightning Network) and spend it at various merchants in South Africa that they onboard through asking (demanding) that merchants accept payment over Lightning Network. Money that they earn on NOSTR.

Here’s the conference website. and
A Medium article.

Things I’ve done in researching the NOSTR project.

SN invites

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