These days I receive so many unsolicited invites to the latest mlm type cloud mining sites, some claiming that they actually AREN’T cloud mining that I’m tempted to stop accepting LinkedIn invites from self-proclaimed cryptocurrency entrepreneurs who are giving both terms a bad name.

Nevertheless, there are a few legit cloud mining sites that you can earn money from.

Genesis Mining

This is one of the leading cloud mining site and even though its not a guaranteed way of always earning money, you need to know how to do it properly.

By investing small amounts over time, eventually daily payments can overtake the amount you invest.

If you earn about $4 BTC per day ($120 per month) and you upgrade the lifetime contract with $50 per month to increase your daily payment you will still have $70 profit.

Use the code AqSj2a and get 3% every time you purchase hashpower.

Genesis Mining does all the work, and you get paid daily.

Learn more at and start mining now.

HashFlareI’ve recently joined them and started mining, will update you in future posts on how its going.

From $1 for 10GH/s, I’ve bought a small stake and I’m going to investigate how much I’m going to earn.

For reasons other than proper logic, I’ve chosen to start with Hashflare instead of Genesis mining, but let that not stop you from choosing your favourite first.

Click here to start mining now.

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