Unlike the good old days of bitcoin mining, its probably too expensive to buy your own equipment to participate in bitcoin mining but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be a node on the bitcoin network keeping the whole system functioning properly and earning bitcoin in the process.

Cloud mining has now stepped into the role of making mining available to those of us who don’t have millions to invest in a great rig. But there are some caveats that you need to be aware of, read this article for some of the pros and cons

Genesis Mining

The Genesis mine is one of the best to mine your bitcoin with.

They’re the best of the lot, many others are scams but you can be sure of them.

Using geothermal generated electricity to mine coins, Genesis mining is one of the world’s most trusted cloud mining service.

Use the code “AqSj2a” to get a 3% discount on your hashpower purchases. Click here to start mining now.


One of the big cloud mining pools. Through GHash.io this mining behemoth caused controversy by almost having more than 50% of the mining activity. Thankfully they’ve changed their policy to not let this happen again.

As soon as you buy your first GHS from cex.io, it will start mining right away. No additional actions are needed. You can check GHash.IO and see the mining stats. Mind that the stats can be delayed if the hash-rate is lower than 1 GHS.

Those are just some of the cloudmining services that I use and promote.

There are many more and I’m sure that over time I’ll join some more to try out their services. How about you. Are you with any other mining service that is bringing you lots of bitcoin?

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