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Analyzing the Bitcoin Price Action 27 August 2019

Sawcruhteez Streamz is a channel dedicated to technical analysis for Cryptocurrency, Gold as well as the S&P 500. This is an educational channel that is set out to teach sound money management techniques at no cost to the viewer. All statements / remarks are an opinion and should NEVER be

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Bitcoin Is Not Yet Bullish. Don’t Get Trapped In A Long

Over the past hour we saw nearly a 500 rise in price (again) in a matter of minutes. Is this a trap?

My concern is that we are seeing a bull trap play out on the log chart as we already saw on the linear chart twice.

If that is the case this could go down hard and fast.

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Bitcoin Market Panic Continues. Is The Next Target Below $9k?

The bitcoin price is headed lower much faster than when it was going up. Price has recently broke through nearby support, buying increased but the selling pressure is pushing price below the support level. If this support doesn’t hold, we could see price drop even lower. $8500 is the key level to look at.

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Bitcoin falls off at resistance as Binance is hacked again

Binance has been hacked again and its causing the price of bitcoin to fall as investors can’t withdraw from the troubled crypto-exchange.

After expecting the price to rebound and take off, its depressed again.

Regardless of the news out the fledgling industry, in this video Bitraged tells us why he thought the price could do exactly this, as it hit resistence and fell away after.

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Is this the Next Big Move in Bitcoin?

The bitcoin price has recently hit a bottom at $6000 and started to go up again.

Looking at what the Elliott Wave Theory – the best predictive method for Bitcoin and markets – tells us about Bitcoin’s next important move, Alessio discusses his ideas of what this market is going to do.

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The Parabolic Trend

In this video Parabolic Trav discusses how his theory of a parabolic advance in the bitcoin price chart. Bitcoin has a history of price advances that are parabolic on a log chart. Every bull run is signified by this parabolic growth and what has sustained hodlers to its peak of

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