Bitcoin Price

The Bitcoin price is the thing about this cryptocurrency that gets the most attention. Especially when its in a bull run, like it did in late 2013 and again in the second half of 2017.

Most people are interested in the coin as a store of value while others take advantage of the volatility to trade the currency and increase their holdings.

Below you will find articles and videos by expert traders who discuss the opportunities presented in the chart. Check it out and happy trading.

Bitcoin falls off at resistance as Binance is hacked again

Binance has been hacked again and its causing the price of bitcoin to fall as investors can’t withdraw from the troubled crypto-exchange.

After expecting the price to rebound and take off, its depressed again.

Regardless of the news out the fledgling industry, in this video Bitraged tells us why he thought the price could do exactly this, as it hit resistence and fell away after.

Is this the Next Big Move in Bitcoin?

The bitcoin price has recently hit a bottom at $6000 and started to go up again.

Looking at what the Elliott Wave Theory – the best predictive method for Bitcoin and markets – tells us about Bitcoin’s next important move, Alessio discusses his ideas of what this market is going to do.

The Parabolic Trend

In this video Parabolic Trav discusses how his theory of a parabolic advance in the bitcoin price chart. Bitcoin has a history of price advances that are parabolic on a log chart. Every bull run is signified by this parabolic growth and what has sustained hodlers to its peak of

The Nature Of Price Declines In Bitcoin. How To Spot The End Of The Parabolic Bull Market

In this video Parabolic Trav describes what to look out for to spot when the parabolic growth in the price of bitcoin could end. Watch this presentation to find out what has happened to the price previously during the epic 2017 bull run as price dipped by 20-40% or crashed to atleast 50%. Learn what to look out for that tells us that this parabolic trend is finally at its end and we should expect a long term consolidation or price to fall back down to earth’s atmosphere from its way to the moon.

Can Bitcoin Hold on to 10,000 Level?

Can Bitcoin hold on to its 10,000 “magic number”… or let it slip away?
We will examine this in this post.
If you’re yet to buy your first bitcoin, click here to find out how.

Did Bitcoin Top? If so, here is how low it could go

Bitcoin went to just about $2800 today before suddenly dropping off sharply. Many have already called the top so we take a look at how low bitcoin could drop if this is a top. Click here to see just what we predict for this market over the next few days.

Bitcoin $2,000! (Market Analysis & Key Lessons)

The past three months have been absolutely insane for Bitcoin and Altcoin traders… And Bitcoin is currently approaching $2,000 for the first time ever. Here’s a quick video answering some common questions about trading cryptocurrencies. And give you some updated targets. Click here to trade bitcoin now. In today’s video, we

Is The Bitcoin Price Going Parabolic?

The Bitcoin price is at $1700 at the time of writing and in this video we talk about the evidence of the price being in a bubble and going parabolic. What do you think? Click here to trade bitcoin now.

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