In the early days of bitcoin, people were handing out the cryptocurrency left, right and centre with the goal of having more people knowing about the coins. Faucets were all the rage and people earned quite a bit of money from them, but.

Those glory days are now over, but there are still some places that you can earn some free bitcoin for doing not much at all and in this post, I go over some of them.

You won’t become a bitcoin whale but you can get a fraction of a bitcoin into your wallet from these service. Before we go on though, its much easier to earn larger amounts from some of the bitcoin based affiliate programs that are available and I suggest that you check those out first.

With people pay you to read their email.

Its a simple concept and I’ve earned about $50 in bitcoin so far, first doing simple and silly tasks like filling out my profile and liking their Facebook page and similar tasks.

This isn’t the usual “faucet” or other ad viewing website. Well, in essence, it is a very sophisticated ad viewing website and people pay you to see their ads.

The real earnings start when companies (these days especially those looking for attention for their ICO) pay you an amount (between $0.50c to $2) to read their marketing shpiel)

You can also earn $1 in Bitcoin for every verified signup through your referral link.

Earn Free Bitcoin

The earn free bitcoin site is one I’ve come across recently which seems like a no-brainer way to earn a tiny fraction of bitcoin for visiting sites for a few minutes at a time.

You won’t much, just a few satoshi at a time.

With their affiliate program, you could earn some more by referring other people to also earn bitcoin and grow your earnings that way.

Click here to start earning.

Take Free Bitcoin

A faucet where you can earn a few satoshi every 20 minutes.

Join Take Free Bitcoin here.

You could also learn how to trade bitcoin, and if you do so, here’s an interesting resource to follow.

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