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Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Bitcoin and Bitvice

Common Questions asked of the BitVice team. Get Your First Bitcoin Using Bitvice’s Services

If you don’t want to buy your bitcoin on exchange like most people do AND you have a minimum of R20,000 then good news.

Because I spend my time looking for ways to earn more bitcoin, I recently became an adviser on BitVice, which helps people to buy and self-custody Bitcoin in their own wallets without going through an exchange to buy the coin and expose yourself to exchange risk.

So I decided to check them out some more and came across this video they uploaded to their YouTube channel.

Here they outline 8 of the most common questions and answers to help you understand Bitvice’s offering and Bitcoin’s value proposition.

Bitcoin to one’s portfolio at certain allocations, over a 3-year period could have equaled an increase in return:

J200: 99% BTC: 1% Increase in return of 19.5%

J200: 90% BTC: 10% Increase in return of 72.2%

J200: 80% BTC: 20% Increase in return of 130.9%

bitcoin bitvice
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