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Life&Coach With Derek. 7 Steps To Freedom

Derek Bekker operates Life&Coach as a small multi-faceted brand with a holistic wellness and transformation offering. He started Life&Coach in 2018

The name Life&Coach firstly refers to life coaching. Derek completed his life coaching certification exam through Consciousness Coaching in 2013 and started to coach graduates joining the company he worked for.

‘Life’ also refers to being holistically alive which brings in his other offerings. Derek is a passionate bodywork and massage therapist in the ancient Hawaiian tradition of Kahuna.

“Kahuna has changed my life. To be trusted to do this beautiful work and to see the deep processing and positive change it effects is a real privilege.” Visit him at his ‘Healing Heart Bodywork’ room in Norscot to experience the magic of Kahuna for yourself.

Derek also does energy alignment work based in Egyptian Sekhem Reiki and the Kahi Healing described in Serge Kahili King’s book ‘Huna Healing’.

Derek is also an Expressive Movement dance facilitator.

Coach also refers to a luxury bus which connects to Derek’s other passion, touring. In his case however the mode of transport is often old school Land Rover Defenders.

As tour operator his vision is one of bringing his clients a holistic journey that reminds of a retreat. A retreat with the added benefit that the journey in itself keeps the participant unsettled and more receptive to delving deep into what keeps them stuck in their everyday lives.

These journeys visit spiritually significant places while incorporating aspects of walking meditations, group coaching, story telling and dancing around camp fires.

It is also supported by individual Kahuna bodywork sessions in unique settings.

Some of the places he likes to visit on tour include the Adam’s Calendar at Kaapschehoop, the ruins at Mapungubwe, Lake Fundudzi, Ponta Malongane in Mozambique, rock paintings and engravings like the ones at Mokala and the Witsand white dunes of the Kalahari.

Where possible he also include interactions with traditional wisdom keepers like the San people of the Kalahari. Closer to the city lights the Credo Mutwa village in Soweto with its traditional healers is always worth a visit.

During the hard lockdown period Derek set the intention to do things he have not done before. He presented online Expressive Movement classes and wrote a complete book about his Kahuna Bodywork journey.

After the hard lockdown period he wrote the short e-book ‘7 Steps to Freedom’ to attract new clients to his post lockdown business.

‘7 Steps’ is authentically Derek in his coaching style. He uses deep intuition to understand where his client is at and how he can support the client to see new possibilities. He combines this with his formal coaching training to give a unique coaching experience very
much aligned with the mental healing aspects mentioned in ‘Huna Healing’.

‘7 Steps’ gives a real tool that can be used to start the process of transforming your live. He offers a free coaching consultation to those that have read the e-book and started the work.

In his words: “It is quite useful when you hit that first stumbling block to be able to directly check in with the coach behind the book.”

The ‘7 Steps’ according to the book:
1) Acknowledge the Prison
2) Dream your Freedom
3) Inventory of your Prison and the Let go
4) Strategizing for Escape
5) Structure Support and Motivation
6) Action, Record and Adjust
7) Celebrate every Milestone

From step 4:
“This is the key to successful implementation, that you stay focussed on the target date. Many implementations do not realise simply because we want to start over at the first sign of falling behind. Yes in some cases it might be necessary to reconsider the target date, but not to start over.”
And 6: “Step 6 is the actual doing. You might have realised that 1 to 5 is all self-searching, preparation and planning. Albert Einstein amongst all the other clever things said something along the lines of ‘if I had an hour to solve a problem i would spend the first 55 minutes thinking about the problem and the last 5 minutes thinking about solutions’ and ‘you can never solve a problem at the same level it was created’.

Exactly for that reason we spend 5 steps thinking about the problem and shifting to a new level.

Solution wise we are in the last 5 minutes and at another level. Yes it is still going to require the work to be done but we are now on a different level and the solution already exists.”

Visit the Blog on his website and download a free copy of the e-book ‘7 Steps to Freedom’.

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