Healing Waters Singing Voices: A Winter Solstice Ceremony At The Sacred “Adam’s Calendar” Stone Circles

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This Winter Solctise we will making our Way to Gather in Circle with Medicinal Sound and Movement, Healing Voice, Ceremonial Cacao, Storytelling Circle, and Earth Healing Ceremony amongst the Luminous Celestial Standing Stones in the mists with the Wild Horses!

Shamanzi Sound Circles and guests in Kaapse Hoop at Angels Mist Guest House.

We invite you to travel up to The Stones from the Stars that Baba Credo Mutwa calls ‘Inkanyezi‘ – Luminous Celestial Beings, Stones from the Stars, better known as Adam’s Calender for the day,..

This is a Global Call! Please spread far and wide the word and invitation!

We welcome Collaboration in Ceremony and sharing/offerings!
Circle facilitators this year will be David Tomsu & Lauren Amy Hofmeyr (Shamanzi), Amanda Gifford, Willem Smuts and Celia Fenn. You can find details of each in the comments of the event

So We invite you to join us if you hear the Call to join us in for the weekend in preparation for Sunday’s Ceremony, spend some time remembering and sharing the Gifts of Voice, practicing the Vocal Geometries, and dropping into Journey space through Movement, Cosmic Constellating, Medicinal Sound and Ceremony with MamiloIxCacao as Sacred Handmaiden.

Solstice Ceremony:

Over sunset on the 21st June 2015, the Southern Hemisphere Winter Solstice and New Year we will take a walk to the Calender Stones to Sing and Sound with these Ancient Resonant Standing Beings and drop into the co-creative process of Ceremony to assist in shifting the heavy energies within the consciousness of MaGaia and Her People’s, and joyfully welcome the dawning of New Light!

She Calls for our Voices, as many as can be mustered, the Songs of our Hearts, to heal her pain and sorrow and re-member Her Freedom, Joy, Love and Peace again!…

No previous singing experience or particular ability is required.

Accommodation and Food:

Only R100pp per night.

We will be staying in Angels Mist Guest House. They have 36 beds, 4 to a room.
Anna Pretorius has kindly offered accommodation plus lunch and supper included on each day! Her kitchen will provide warm, vegetarian soups and stews with breads.

Please bring your own breakfast for Saturday morning, and bring healthy vegan and vegetarian snack food(fruit, nuts, etc.) to share for breakfast on Sunday, and for the Medicine Walk on Saturday .
Meat: if you’d like to eat meat you are welcome to bring your own to brain or cook on Saturday evening etc. we are calling veg food as it is fully inclusive, but each to their own!

Facilitators and Offerings:

David Tomsu & Lauren Amy Hofmeyr (Shamanzi), Celia Fenn, Amanda Gifford & Willem Smuts.

Shamanzi offerings:
– Shamanzi Naked (live original music Friday night, naked ie no band, recently won acoustic originals competition)
– Medicine Walk to Stones and back
– Facilitation of Stones Storysharing Circle
– Vocal Alchemy Circle
– Star and Planet, astrophysics Storytelling and community Jam around the fire
– Cacao Ceremony
– Deep Stillness Sound Journey

Celia Fenn
– Filming as a Global offering. Celia is inspired to make a documentary on the Ancient Star Rocks.
– Circle/Ceremony, details unfolding

Amanda Gifford & Willem Smuts
– Cosmic Enneagram
– Star Dance

Contribution toward Facilitation:
R1000 pp for all the weekends offerings.
Concession price: R800
Minimum: R100 (cacao costs), and whatever you can
We welcome you and your Voice!

We have decided on a fee structure that is flexible.

Note accommodation and food is paid separately.


Friday 19 June
– travel up from JHB leaving early Friday morning. We’d like to stop at an easily accessible stone wall circle on the way to meet the space.
– arrive at Angels Mist Friday afternoon/early evening, land in rooms, bring in personal touches to lounge-dining room to open and co-create a Sacred Circle Space.
– play music at a local public place (venue to be confirmed soon). Shamanzi Naked performance, songs and stories and sacred sound. People arriving from jhb, please join us there after landing into Angels Mist for ala carte dinner. Here we will meet each other and the locals and share Sound With those who may not be joining us in Circles and Ceremony, and have a not too late night

Saturday 20 June
A morning of Meeting the Ancient Space one to one, deep listening
– Cosmic Enneagram and Star Dance with Amanda Gifford and Willem Smuts.
– Shamanzi facilitated Medicine Walk to the Stones.
We invite Silence and singing voice only, not conversation.

Time for each person to meet the Stones and the space, free time with the Stones.
We will take a light picnic brunch in with us. This is one of the bring-&-share meals.
Walk back to Angels Mist. Time to integrate.

Warm vegan Lunch.
– Vocal preparation Tune-up.
– Stones Story sharing Circle. Time for each person to share their own personal impressions and experiences (past and that morning) of the Ancient Star Rock Circles of the Stones.
Note: this discussion will be filmed for a home made documentary.
Warm veggie Dinner around the Fire.
– Star and Planet a Storytelling by David Tomsu and music around the fire. Shamanzi will facilitate a community Jam

Sunday 21 June
– light dairy and caffeen free breakfast (bring and share)
– Vocal Alchemy, vocal geometries, voice tune-up Circle. Preparing voice consciousness for Solstice Ceremony.
– Cacao Ceremony and Sound Journey in Angels Mist lounge-dining room, late morning.
– Warm veggie Lunch
– (Celia Fenn Circle)
– dress and prepare for Ceremony
– Solstice Ceremony amongst Star Rocks. (Ceremony will be filmed. We’d like to drive in so that we can be there over Sunset and not get caught in the pitch dark walking back.)
– Back to Angels Mist for a warm veggie Dinner by the fire

Traveling back to Jhb Sunday night or Monday, as you wish

Find further details and updates in comments, including a comment dedicated to traveling options.

Where: Angels Mist, Kaapse Hoop, Mpumalanga (walking distance from the Calender Stones. Other accommodation options available too.)
Time: evening of Friday 19th – evening of Sunday 21st, Exact time’s of various happenings will be confirmed.
Bring: Blankets and pillow to make a nest, Water, Journal or recording gadget to aid memory, journal for recording dreamspell experiences to assist in grounding, breakfast and snacks to share.

Booking of accommodation and further info:

Call Anna Pretorius 0792798898
or Lauren Amy Hofmeyr 0824513903
Booking is essential!


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