A quick little update on what’s happening in India. You can see from this that I discovered that USAID was specific and helping India go cashless.

You may have heard about the strong dollar and president elect Trump signal that he wants a weaker dollar.



Well let me show you how you value a dollar. Ok this top graph is from the Federal Reserve it’s on the trade-weighted dollars, so that is a standard basket of six currencies.

The euro, the yen the Swiss francs the British pound the Canadian dollar and the Swedish krona.

So you can see this is where we went we went off the gold standard and you can see a series of lower lower
highs indicates a negative trend and I’d also like to point out this little area in here what we broke the lowest level that our dollar ever traded in before, which really signaled that there was something nasty this way comes

and then of course we have the crisis in 2008.

so when they referred to as strong or a weak dollar this is the chart they are actually referring to. now another way to do it is again spot gold and remember a rising gold price is an indication of failing currency.

so both of these are purely digital and you can see now one of the ways you know you’re in a positive trend is when you get a series of higher lows. but of course there’s a lot more to it so this is what
they want you to look at but now let me show you the underlying the little peak and here you have the inflation the CPI and you can see pretty closely that always doing it going up that we know that it is compounding.

this bottom chart which is the one that we feel the most is the purchasing power of the dollar now this is just since we went off the gold standard and you can see it’s going down hill.

this is from 2000 and I hold all of these charts this morning so this is the one that has the most impact on our day-to-day living and it’s more true but what you also really need to be aware of is that the run on the dollar as the world’s reserve currency has already begun.

Because what supports the dollar is debt and also the petro dollar.  so here’s the run on the petro dollar. so this is the smart money understanding what’s happening and here’s the run on the debt dollar in the form of treasuries which is how money is created in this system.

So what you feel the most is the purchasing power, but understand that the run on the dollar has already begun in my opinion and according to this data and i thought this was an interesting thing that came out just after I did the last one and it’s true central banks are we’re about to enter a period where central bank’s, remember
that confidence thing.

if enough confidence is lost by the public of enough confidence in the central bank’s i should say is lost by the public then and we continue on this race to transition into the SDR as the world reserve currency we could have a shot and going back to a more honest form of money.

one that really and and ultimately we will hear anyway because that’s the only way we’re going to get anybody to use it but one that has a foundation of stability.

You can find the Images that Lynette is using over here.

Flash In Five 1.18.2017

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