some thoughts on the forecast fo

Some thoughts on the price of gold in these war ravaged times

USA Watchdog interview with Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante talking about gold, precious metals and the state of the global economy in these turbulent and dangerous times.

Just in the last few weeks, when the markets have been crashing, gold has hung in very well, and even gold stocks have started to bounce.

That is unusual because that didn’t happen the last few times. It is actually getting very hard to buy physical gold or silver anywhere in the world. You definitely can’t buy it at its current spot price.

The physical price of gold and silver is totally diverging from what they say the price is on the futures market and this divergence is only going to widen.

If central banks do go to QE4, we are going to see gold skyrocket. It is looking very good for precious metals and very bad for the stock market.

If the stock market does rise, it will only be because of massive money printing that will cause massive economic destruction.

The wild card is the war card. There is a lot of calamity out there, and it is not just in the financial markets.

Look at military around the world and wars. The U.S. is all over the world right now trying to start wars everywhere, including in the Ukraine and Syria.

There is saber rattling in China, and now with Russia as well. If they continue to attack Syria, of course, Iran has a pact with Syria they will get involved.

China and Russia has said if Iran is attacked, they are getting involved. There is nothing but black swans ahead.

So, to be in the market on the buy side is insane at the moment.

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