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The Day My Website Broke All Traffic Records And Why It Happened?

Recently I had a flash flood of traffic to my site and in this post I dissect the reasons why it got so much attention and how you can do the same.

Yesterday was by far the best day for traffic to my site.


724 visits in one day when the previous best was 303.


Most of the traffic went to this post, later on I’ll tell you the reason why it was so popular but first here’s a stat that every affiliate marketer wants to know, how many links were clicked:


If you know what to look for spotting affiliate links you can see that it was only a few (I didn’t include any in the post itself) but my number of optins yesterday was also at a record 13 in one day for my 2 forex related posts…


Where most of the traffic came from:


So now you know the not so “secret”, I used Facebook to get this traffic, how did it happen?

It’s social media 101, if you’re active on Facebook then join groups that discuss your topic or niche, write an article and promote it by posting your link to the group. Here’s the one that I’ve been a part of for a few weeks now.


At 14K members this may generate some interest if the right approach is used. As you can see, the group is littered with spammy types of posts all self promoting and hypey messages.

Your article should not only be of interest to this group of people but should have some edge. My story was very topical, Shezi was initially well received by the media and public hungry for a success story of a young black man out doing good teaching other young people how to trade.

But then the darker side came out. Claims of misrepresentation and plagiarism, basically a story ripe with corruption and loved by attention givers.

People are very polarised and when very controversial topics are discussed and lots of attention given to a something you can use that to generate some buzz to your site. My next challenge is to re-create this and hopefully on a more regular bases.

Now for you, what newsworthy item is happening in your industry or niche and how can you use available media (I used a YouTube video and embedded it the post to speak to your audience?

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