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Win 1 Bitcoin & Other Cool Prizes By Buying Or Sharing This Book, The Age of Anomaly

Win 1 Bitcoin or other cool prized by buying or sharing the book “The Age of Anomaly” by Andrei Polgar

The video above is one I had with Andrei Polgar to talk about his new book, The Age of Anomaly.

To celebrate the launch of Andrei Polgar’s new book (The Age of Anomaly) and to convince as many people as possible that NOW is the right time to start thinking about the next financial crisis, he’s doing two important things:

1) reducing the price to just $0.99 (not a typo) as of today and until the 12th of August (Sunday); He’s practically giving the book away and the $0.99 are a symbolic payment to ensure you have some skin in the game and are invested in his work (thereby motivated to put my book to good use)

2) organizing a HUGE contest through which he will reward people for spreading the word with the following prizes (full rules available on

Please remember that the contest has nothing to do with promoting anything YouTube-related or my brand, the only goal is spreading the word about The Age of Anomaly): 1 bitcoin from Trezor, 1 ETH + 1 LTC, 8 hardware wallets, 15 domain + hosting packages as well as 50 hosting packages from GlowHost, a $100 Amazon gift card from, 10 prizes of $100 each from yours truly and, finally, 5 video/audio consulting sessions as well as 25 email consulting sessions!

Competition Details

All the details can be found on his site:

Your privacy is very important during this competition. The privacy policy can be found on:

Buy “The Age of Anomaly” here:

The email address mentioned in the video to get a hold of Andrei if you can’t afford a copy is

age of anomaly
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