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Energy Clearing for Abundance Week

Are there hidden Abundance Blocks holding your career, finances and personal life back? Join highly acclaimed intuitive coach and energy healer Christie Marie Sheldon for a FREE Abundance clearing Session at Mindvalley Academy and instantly boost the abundance frequency of your personal energetic field!

The most important thing people want to learn and improve in life is:

“How to manifest effortlessly”
“How to work with energy
“How to earn more money”

There is ONE teacher who specializes in combining ALL three of these topics into one.

And she happens to be one of Mindvalley’s most-requested and bestselling authors of all time. Her name is Christie Marie Sheldon.

If you’re a long-time community member, and you’re familiar with Christie’s work, then you’ll be happy to know that it’s Energy Clearing for Abundance Week here at Mindvalley.

And yes, you can experience her famous Energy Clearing sessions for free. And you can book your spot here.

But for those of you who are new to Christie, here’s what you need to know about this remarkable woman.

Christie is an intuitive energy healer.

But unlike other healers out there, Christie works on healing negative energetic blocks around money and wealth, which she calls “Abundance Blocks”.

Over her amazing career as an energy healer, she has helped over 30,000 clients (including top CEOs, celebrities and even a Nobel Prize winner) take their levels of wealth and abundance to whole new heights.

She does this through a unique technique she has developed called Energy Clearing.

I’m really excited Christie back to teach you for a number of reasons:

  1. I’ve had energy clearing sessions with Christie, and it had a profound impact on my income, my business, and my personal life.​
  2. Christie is one of the most sought-after teachers at Mindvalley and regularly gets upwards of 60,000 people signing up for her Energy Clearing sessions.
  3. These sessions are so life-transforming that many Mindvalley students actually look forward to experiencing it every single year.

I want you to enjoy the same profound shifts in your abundance that so many others are experiencing today thanks to Christie’s work.

Broadcast of her latest Masterclass starts today so book your spot with the link below:

Experience Energy Clearing for Abundance

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