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Copy Trading

We use the copy trading services provided by BlackStone Futures, a regulated forex broker in South Africa, to earn a passive income.

Listed below are the top three accounts that we're promoting. Please click on the accounts to see the latest account growth and please click here to apply for the free R250 in an account.

Three copy trading accounts that are returning a positive passive income for me. 

After an initial testing period we launched the WolfCap portfolio in August 2019 and thus far seems to have a healthy monthly return.

Click here to see the live, verified results and join in the profitability with us.

Before that, my mentor Morgan Sampson of MSEquities Trading had launched his ZAR & a GBP based portfolio to complement his existing USD based portfolio which delivered over a 20% return in 2018.

We're hoping that he can repeat the performance again this year for his new portfolios. If you're keen on joining, then please sign up for a trading account here.

Just in the last few days I've been introduced to 2 Fremsyn products, one is called "Fremsyn Supremacy" and the other is called "Fremsyn Lunar" both of these look like they have excellent potential for decent returns.

Finally, BlackStone Futures has allowed me to gift complementary accounts worth R250 to everyone who wants to try out the copy trading services they're now offering. Claim your account here.

Latest Copy Trading Results & Discussion

Is The Trade Copier Industry Dying?

In this video we take a look at the copy trading, also known as mirror trading, part of the industry. From the beginnings and the various models that trade copiers operate on. Various funding models are also spoken about and ALL of the information you need to make a good decision on choosing a copy trader or service.

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