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I’m now officially a NAGA partner

and I created this post to show you how I create content

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I’ve just joined the NAGA trading community as a partner earning $3 a standard lot. I’m planning on streaming a video to my social channels using this post as an example of how I onboard new brokers to my site and add content to then attract new traders.

If being an IB is of interest then read on, because I’m going to show you everything I do, step-by-step.

The first thing that I do when I’ve signed all the contracts to be a partner is to find my affiliate or IB link and then brand it using or my website. This time I decided to do both and

should both direct to the registration page.

Then I go to Canva and also using Gimp I create images for my blog and a YouTube thumbnail.

I was rather silly and used this picture, pulling a funny face (to see if there was any difference to views on my video. I know I’m opening myself to the ridicule of the wide world, I’m going to learn to have a thick skin and callous everything off my.

This is the part where I am now, write a blog post to house the video and that I can link back to from the various social media channels. Facebook has banned me from linking this site (naughty, naughty) so the network that I have most engagement on is not a great source of web traffic.

I sometimes copy this post to my site so that I can benefit from FB OG, if you follow my jargon, and I also create funky kind of content using the new Gutenberg plugin from WordPress’s repository.

And that is pretty much it for the workflow. I then use OBS and Restream to broadcast to my various channels and then replace the cover image that began this post with the actual video.

I copy and paste this text into the description box of Restream and then I have another piece of content that’s bringing me traffic and hopefully converting into traders with my new partners.

Now it’s my turn to pitch you. If you’d like to receive my guidance in promoting NAGA and joining my trading network, then sign up for an account here and then use the contact form elsewhere on this page to send me a message telling me that you’re interested and I’ll connect you with my account manager and get you started.

You should also follow me on Naga, this is the link to my feed.

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