trade your way to financial freedom

How To Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom

An animated video presenting the top 5 takeaways from Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom, by Van K Tharp.

Build a system that fits your character, knowledge and situation.

Always predefine your risk R, and express the expectancy of a system in multiples of this.

Use an exiting strategy that maximizes the expectancy of your system, but always remember that it must also fit your personality

A system with a high expectancy per trade and a lot of opportunity can be highly profitable in the long run

And lastly, position sizing is the most overlooked aspect of a trading system, but it can mean the difference between financial excellence and personal bankruptcy, even with an otherwise perfect system

1. Trading That Fits

2. The Notion of R

3. Exiting Techniques

4. Opportunity

5. Position Sizing – The Most Important Part of a System

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