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If you’re looking for a forex trading course, then you’ve come to the realisation that trading the markets is not as easy as it initially seems to be and you’re looking for some direction in predicting which the direction markets will move, where to place a protective stop to limit damage to your account and managing your trades once you’ve placed them.

I’m currently learning from one of the most populat price action trading mentors online, Al Brooks. He teaches a trading method that helps you identify repeating patterns that every price chart goes through.

I’m almost half-way through the course, enjoying what I’m learning, know there’s a lot more to come, already profitable but that’s probably beginner’s luck and my first goal is to NOT lose money, so let’s see how that turns out.

Want to join me in learning this course?

Al Brooks has taught his price action techniques on 4 continents, lectured on advanced scalping techniques at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, speaks at MoneyShow and TradersExpo conferences, and has taught tens of thousands of traders how to trade.

The 98+ hour video course has 52 modules so that traders can study one area at a time. You do not have to know everything to make money, although the more you know, the more money you stand to make. Find something that works, trade comfortably, and build from there. The goal is to get good. Getting there fast is less important.

Learn absolutely everything there is to know on price action trading. Click here now.

  • 5 Steps to Finding Trades In Your Trading Day

    Learn to trade

    Learn to trade the market with Price Action

    5 Steps to Finding Trades In Your Trading Day

    It’s good to practice recognising patterns and thinking about how you’ll manage them real-time, because you’re going to keep encountering the same patterns. The more patterns that you know, the faster you are at recognising them, the more chance you’ll have at structuring and managing profitable trades.

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