how long does it take to make a

How Long Does it Take to Make a Stable Income from Trading?

Kamal Warren started trading more than 10 years ago, full-time for about 2 years ago.

Kamal Warren, a professional FTSE 100 trader comments, invested considerable time and finally took the plunge in trading; something which he treats like a business.

He started trading more than 10 years ago but he only started trading full-time around 2 years ago. The learning process can be quite long and he spent countless hours experimenting his strategies before he finally decided to get into it on a full-time basis.

The principle drivers behind market movements are human behaviour and emotions and people don’t change which is why chart patterns work so well.

Do you regard your trading capital as real money?

I just find that you start treating your trading capital like just a number even if you are conscious that it is real money.

how long does it take to make a
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