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A Novel Trading Strategy. Buying High And Selling Higher: The GBPJPY

Entered a buy trade on GBPJPY on a pin bar rejecting the 8day ema. Entry: 194.361, Stop: 192.982 TP: 197.108. Risk: 137.9 pips and Reward: 412.6 pips. Happy Trading.

A strategy you don’t offer hear of is the buy high and sell higher which is almost an anathema to the “buy low, sell high” crow but apparently when you’re in a strongly trending market, like this one is a pull back to the 8 or 21 day ema is sufficient reason to consider it a bullish sign and take the trade, especially if price rejects the level and creates a pin bar.

Thursday’s chart was a nice example of that which gave me the opportunity to go long on Friday morning.

Entry: 194.361
Stop: 192.982
TP: 197.108

Risk: 137.9 pips
Reward: 412.6You can also let MTI copy trade for you and earn 10% per month on your investment. Click here to find out how.

gbpjpy d1

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