The oil price created a sell signal on the daily chart according to the trading system I’m following. I’ve decided to place a limit sell order on a 50% retracement of the pinbar candle that formed on Thursday.

This post however, is significant for reasons other than simply documenting my my latest trade but potentially gives me a place to be held accountable for the trading decisions I take.

It also marks a tech barrier that I had which was not knowing how to take a screenshot on this Zest mobile phone (the standard Android Power plus Volume Down does the trick) and so give me greater freedom to create branded images on the run.

Enough of my rambling. Are you trading the West Texas International (?) market?


As of 16h42 server time the limit trade has triggered and I’m in the trade at 51.16.


With a stoploss at 52.75 and a takeprofit at 47.55 I’m looking at just over a 2:1 RR.



My stoploss was hit and I’m out of the trade for a $15 loss on this trade. On to the next one…

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