over 200 pips

Over 204 Pips in 2 Days on EURAUD

Many forex pairs are taking a breather or pipping inside choppy ranges (like EURUSD), cross pairs have been moving.

In today’s top forex trade review, we have a live trade setup from one of our students who nailed a with trend trade on the EURAUD for +204 pips in just under 2 days!

Now to be frank the entry could have been improved by a fair chunk, but the overall trade idea was well chosen and executed according to their trading plan.

In this trading video, you will see his trading strategy, exact entry price, his stop loss and take profit levels.

The student could have maximized his profit potential and the teacher give tips to improve your trading performance.

If you’d like to make trades like this, check it out here

over 200 pips
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